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Whilst checking out this Harry Fraud producer guy , i stumbled on this, expecting to hate it, due to the two gentleman rhymers, but, no, this is that dope right here, and i surrender my now former opinions about both dudes.

i was sleeping on them, but at least i’m honest. and open minded.

The Break.

Related: Dirt Nasty Freestyle, hilarity indeed.

“the best in the game, and i’m a white chick”


dj Funktuall sits down and chops it up with electro legends, newcleus. his interviews are becoming his strength..respect.

Nice Boston shirt..

iv’e kinda ignored Kid Cudi, in the same way i ignore Kane west, knowing that when he does something i should hear, i would hear it…

and i guess this week was that time..intriguing 20min documentary/art piece/music video thingy from Mr Rager as he’s known. a good way