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The Question remains…

how long will this be on the interweb?

we are a lil sad, still, but there’s only one way to turn the frown upside down..

enjoy while you can, some unrealeased, Beatsie Boys.From a “Chappelle Show” that never made it..

they are/were such good live m.c’s, breath control, breath control styly/


Whilst checking out this Harry Fraud producer guy , i stumbled on this, expecting to hate it, due to the two gentleman rhymers, but, no, this is that dope right here, and i surrender my now former opinions about both dudes.

i was sleeping on them, but at least i’m honest. and open minded.

The Break.

Related: Dirt Nasty Freestyle, hilarity indeed.

They got dope cupcakes now?

someone has said this commercial is racialist…are cupcakes a race now?

what’s wrong with being racy?


Are you fucking kidding me?

operator: yes, what is the emergency?

Iv’e been hearing Kendrick Lamar’s name for a  little while..some saying he’s just a regional sensation in cali, and others just saying watch out, cos dude has it.

kid: there is a man killing a beat.

operator: do you know who it is?

kid: its kendrick lemar..

operator: bow in his presence.


“show our audience how to do a little scratching..”

tv pedo.

well, is she or isn’t she?

chelsea pours oil on those rumours of her and curtis bumping uglies.


Dues paid.

Capa c has got my attention with this nice curtis mayfield(?)flip.

rumble young man, rumble…