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channelling the spirit of ZAPP, but with a definate modern hip-hop feel,and  i’m feeling this…

and his look is ILL.!…the gheri curl may just be my next look.

“you know how mama’s get?”

Oh the ironiness…Dopeman Eredeti Genszter

this dude is genszter as fuck.check the eastern ho-ski’s, the nwa tattoo’s, and sniffing coke on camera.

i started thinking “this is pretty good, i wish they would start making hip hop like this again..then i remembered.

“If you don’t like it, pack up, get the fuck out!”

i never saw the original clip, as i was in tha streets, hustling, obviously but iv’e felt like him on many occasions.

O(lder) G(entleman) style(s)

A Yo

they’re raping errbody out here

even though the whole thing is totally ridiculous, I do find myself singing this catchy little number as if it were a real club shaker. I guess it just shows how sticking a bit of autotune on a groovy melody can give you an instant pop rekkid.

I hate myself for liking this tosh but keep coming back like Andi peters.

watch the original first, even that shit’s funny, despite the sensitive subject matter.

if at any juncture you have been caught out,  or are unaware of the rights and wrongs of rape, grooming, the predacious nature of your sexual appetite and the like, learn a lesson below

Improv, Everywhere..

in the never-ending search for ways to expand our, er, remit here at hotasballs, i come across all kinds of shit.

some of the creativity, and of course, dumbness out there on the internets is astonishing.

“must be some ass under there” Bill “George”Clinton.

if youre a sex pervert, like we are, you may enjoy this.

Art(?) collective, Improv Everywhere have built a substantial following in new york, and of the course, the net, with stunts like these, a no pants(read, trousers) subway ride, attracting  nine thousand people, some of them foine as filznucc, and all quite up for an arty way of course.entertaining.

kinda shit you wish you would see on the late night tube ride..

bit o’ racial satire, taking a black dude down to aspen, as a curiosity.

and some other real gems.peep it out.