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Are you fucking kidding me?

operator: yes, what is the emergency?

Iv’e been hearing Kendrick Lamar’s name for a  little while..some saying he’s just a regional sensation in cali, and others just saying watch out, cos dude has it.

kid: there is a man killing a beat.

operator: do you know who it is?

kid: its kendrick lemar..

operator: bow in his presence.



It’s out there…go get it.i did.and happy birthday to the man himself, who’s been handing out URL’s for it on twitter.

Bishop Lamont – Change is Gonna Come [Prod. by Dr. Dre]

wow. Lamont really comes of age on this Dre produced soon to be classic.

Dre channelling the Isley Bros..real music. Don’t believe me?

Gangrene ‘Take Drugs’ Official Video

oh no makes this crispy as all hell.ill beat..i’m kinda hyped.i only say kinda, as i’m not entirely convinced of eithers ryming ability.yet.some beautiful tits in this clip, gotdammm.not really down with the lyrics, as i doubt alan is really injecting anything except “white boy awesome”

you got this yet?

did you see the lo’ chains…?george kush da button(see what he did there)right now.

is it Real.Really?

rap freakshow?..still better than the last eminem single.p.s, i believe he is a ninja like i believe rza swings swords.

as the comment on this video says, “i want to hate this.but can’t”

people used to say things, like “but they are big in japan.these guys are “all up in the interweb”


we only cover music we like here at the balls, and i know you probly hear that a lot, but we actually mean it.