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“dont you wanna be?….!!NEW ASHER ROTH!!

asher roth has been developing nicely as a rap singer..he carries himself with less pretention, and certainly cannot be accused of apeing marshall mathers the third anymore…being true to yourself is always gonna be cool and this is no different.not to leave out nottz raw,as it’s his track..he’s been “bubbling under” for a minute, so its nice to see this project out there…

this has been a real brainworm for me over the last couple of weeks, and it’s good to see it visualised on the up.and take the tour of the streets they both grew up in.isn’t nice that hip hop’s moved beyond “theĀ  hood”?


some sprinkles of new jack city and clockers as spitta visualises the best track off “pilot talk”

steel drums for the byron.there’s a depth this man’s dope, indeed.


sounding a whole lot punchier and filled out since it leaked , wiz’s lead single gets a dope visual.

wave your terrible towels and spark an ez wider!.t.g.o.whatever..

and in this short interview he explains a little about his relationship with his new label.

funny how in rap, we talk about the business rather than the music.doing promo is wack.

Too west coast?

o’shea proves he’s still got some lead in his pencil and pulls this banger out his back pocket.

w.c and maylay prove you shouldn’t be ignoring them, with the standout verses, in my humble..


with every l.p, devin etches his name into the book of greats.just coolin’, doing what he does best.

there’s always something that you can add to the hits on your playlist, and this is no exception.

“gotta be me” out soon.

“approach, i coerce the listener, so listen up”

this could be my favorite song.this year.this remix from buddakriss kings the original.

does good scratching ever sound out of date?i personally don’t think so.evidence is awesome here.truly

if it doesn’t make sense, listen harder.there are hiddens depths you won’t find elsewhere.

we’ve dumbed this music down enough.gems dropped.but it’s mostly the voice.


wack chorus aside, this shit banging like it’s ’86 and dipped in enbalming fluid.

definate shades of rick rubin here from Dj infamous.this beat is monkey food.

Some homecoming..

since ghost riding the wiz khalifa slip-stream into the main-stream, and some hard work,

the young mac comes back the ‘burgh.great shot of him going through the curtain to come out..ooer.

if your’e still asleep to this dude, it’s lunchtime, bitches.