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“that rappin’ steam”

makes more sense than most adults i know.go p nut!

Hide your butt-skin.he’s snatching your pee pee up..

they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..but fuck what they say.

Stop the Danson !

and a stoner throwback from Season One

Get your Steinski on..

and put this shit to a’s a message from your rulers, but not slick rick.

consider yourself, warned.k?

!!NEW DRAKE!!2010!!

that was a joke.but anyways,

i’m not a fan of drakes music, but i can recognise someone with real charisma(takes one to know one, innit).no homo.still.

much hilarity ensues..


We know weve covered the Louie show here before but with lines like the above, cmon son !!

Telly can take up so much of our lives if we let it, and the mistake of allowing the medium to steer us according to how the schedules are created, is a bit of a mistake. As ever in the UK, there’s alot of shite on, but if you look carefully, there are some great programmes being made, keeping tabs on that content is not always easy.

Finding the minutes to click a couple of links makes the telly we watch today so much more enjoyable, essentially cos its in our own time, and at our leisure; Tivo, torrents, scene shares, Sky + or otherwise. The simple solution is, download a few bits when you have the time, live yer life, and then come back to the downloaded content when you have more time to spare. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to do your own thing, we will ‘allow’ that. is as good a place to start as any if yer uncertain.

For alot of US shows aired in the UK, they must come through a rigorous series of journalistic analysis. Actually and factually, they get a vote from a chancer freelancer, before becoming a brief  topic of conversation amongst a small group of peers, before making it to the cover of the Guardian Guide, and theyd be lucky if they were chosen to be illustrated by a Mark Ward design, shouts to Mark of course, you ‘bad boy’ you…

The writing is as sharp as any of Louies courageously artistic stand-up [some included]and super duty tough, and guaranteed to be cringey at times, but always spot-on, way beyond the majority of funnies available on British hellavision right now.

Louie is on FX at some point soon in the UK, until the wheels are universally set in motion by television production houses to allow us to watch the same content worldwide, we’ll illegally download these shows ourselves. Thankyou, and thankyou again FX.

Oh yeh, the one-liners in this, as youve discovered from the subject header, and if yer payin attention, can be side-splitting.

Here’s the latest ep from Tuesday night.