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The Question remains…

how long will this be on the interweb?

we are a lil sad, still, but there’s only one way to turn the frown upside down..

enjoy while you can, some unrealeased, Beatsie Boys.From a “Chappelle Show” that never made it..

they are/were such good live m.c’s, breath control, breath control styly/

“and i’m the king Ad Rock..”

great interview from the king ad whammy.talking bout before there were samples…tape loops.

“banging stones together to make fire”…an insight into the mind of a beatsie boy.

the end result of all that fucking around with tape loops.ill.

Rick Rubin reduced – A 2010 Interview

PURPLE FASHION is a magazine publication awash with tasteful Terry Richardson style pics of noody women, poncey clothes, and articles on bush-snapping avant-garde Japanese photographers. It is also the weightiest magazine in history.

Buried amongst the luxury advertising are in-depth evaluations of people like Kim Deal, Romain Gavras, Mark Ronson and other good folk from arts and cultural backgrounds.

In this issue you can find an enlightening interview with one of the most important characters from the history of Hip-Hop, DJ Double R, AKA Rick Rubin. And yes, he’s lost a little. If you have any more than a passing interest in Frederick, then pick this up

If you are fiscally challenged, you may wanna get yer 5 finger discount goin on/ re-mortage the house as this tome comes with a hefty tag. The shot of his ‘music room’ is reward enough. Its a fascinatin interview and just the fact that Rubin wasnt aware that he had or hadnt had a number one single makes him even more of a g.o.d. in our eyes.