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word to wimbledon, people love slick rick.

“on the back of the tour bus, tryna unlock mike”


top youtube comment :

“truth is, mac miller never has any hotlines, he just steals hot beats. he is 5’4, from a filthy rich jewish family in pittsburg and his fans are 14 year old girls. i can’t wait til he disappears.”

one of the better l.p/mixtapes of last year..

yeah, i said.if dante ross is a fan?.shut up.

“This IS real hiphop. mac, krit, dza, wiz, and spitta all day.

This bowls for the haters.” bottom comment.Dza kills this.

Nothin But Us..

from Ski beats’ 24 hour karate school, which is shaping up to be something special.

here, spitta & smoke dza glide and ride this horny beat like a pornstar…

and, as it’s friday, get high day, devin’s apperance on the highly acclaimed, and half-brilliant pilot talk.