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Jeff Ross & Snoop gettin high talkin trash…

Snoop continues to sit in a warehouse, creating captivating TV ‘from a disclosed location’. In this episode, we witness one of the funniest men alive, Jeff ‘One ugly Mother-Fucker’ Ross show up, be funny and go pale.

There are endless one-liners, top questions/ cusses and interestingly, some touching insights, but hearin Snoop fall about in fits of laughter is a major highlight.


Snoop stand-up at the Donald Trump Roast.

More radio promo action…[From 1994]

Hotasballs is always holdin the golden when it comes to radio gems and even though may or may not be bitin our shit [see radio promos and Krush TV] were back with the goodness.

Here are two radio promos for Tim Westwoods show from 1994, just months before he was due to start broadcasting on a different station and show, the BBCs 1FM Rap Show. Both of them are themed on songs by the individual artists; Nas with a version excursion of It Aint Hard to Tell, with a few Westwood mentions, along with a Snoop promo that has Snoop bless us with a Nuthin But A G Thing themed banger with Westwood as the subject matter.

DPG – Behind the scenes

Snoop continues to bless us with these simplisticly entertaining clips. This time with cameos from Kid Capri, Mike Epps and the Wiz. Its all about hearin Snoop talk about digging with the Kiiiiid. Tabernacle indeed !

“Don’t you never take them gators off”

Never has the difference between the U.K and U.S.of A been so apparent.A very polite mr Mills puts up with Uncle snoop crediting him with the creation of Dubstep, not really something we associate Dylan Rascal with. and kinda dissmissing the whole GRIME scene at the same time.Clearly dizzie is a fan, and is soaking it all up, as snoop could talk shit for the planet.Dizzie’s ealier half time shit kinda was Dubstep, if you ask me, sonically, he also confirms my suspicions that his influences were from across the water, mainly the dirty dirty.  but you don’t hear me, though.

am i the only one that can see Snoop D-o-dubb is searching for somehing to fill the silence of the englishman, slightly buzzed off the “40 ounce of Joy”..

Great performance, though.Go DIZZIE!

even clearly faded, Snoop can light up the room, and from the laughter by the production peoples, he does.that’s charisma.

“My dick is on the line…”

The big do-uble kicks a tale of a party we’d all like to be invited the Playboy mansion..

“The Chuurch is down, call the ambalance..”
oh, man.

“Indians, you know, being nice…”

Some see Snoop, formally Doggy, Dogg as a has been, but they are fast asleep on some of the music he’s made SINCE the “murder was the case” soundtrack….recently, the wheels have been a li’l shaky, but after watching GGNN on a weekly basis, i’m amazed he has the time or inclination to get in the studio, when he could just stay home and chat some shit with his homeboys,

it’s not like he needs the money..anyways.

i take my diet smoke break, flip this on, and get a laugh, everytime which at 10.30am, is harder than you think….chuuch!

the best of last year..

and the current one (ish).get on board if you enjoy your humour through slanty eyes…”i been in jail so much, i know how to make cheese outta cheezits.”

“to burn my kush you must use fire”

nice lil nod to run dmc there..he has indeed fucked around and gone back to classic snoop, copped a serious beat and got a niiice co-sign from jibril himself.

smoke suttin’, it’s a beautiful day out there..


snoop never did fall off, he just got richer. he always sprinkles his albums with something for all of us..even you. chuurch.