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Stretch & Bobbito footage from November 29, 1990 [Post #1000]

Co-Founder of Zoo York Eli Morgan Gessner, has started upping some interesting clips on a YT channel.

The 1st one features a very early piece of footage from the WKCR days of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show feat the god Bonz Malone in the studio along with the late NYC skate-great Beasley in front of the mic stand.

The 2nd, from 1987 includes Bones Brigade clothing and the soundtrack from a ghetto-blaster playing a tape of Mr Magic dropping Juice Crew All-Stars/ World premiere of Nobody Beats the Biz [around the 5 minute mark]…

Shouts to Eli for his vision in capturing these candid and intimate moments…

DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Video – WKCR 89.9 – More footage..

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR [Undaground Flavas] – 1995

Found another old Stretch and Bobb cassette to add to the ever-increasing list of shows from the WKCR days

The exquisitly and tastefully designed cover looks like it was drawn up by someone with plegic issues, or some stumped up Jeremy Beadle type, and I have no clue why the date was scribbled out either

Wyclef and Pras are in the studio as well as an MC by the name of Mischief [along with his mate, 10 men/ Tin-Man?]. It’s one of the booty tapes that was sold outta one of the many vinyl stores in London at the time, Handspun Records I think. It’s a decent selection of tunes, no demo exclsuives to talk of, and Wyclef waffles on a bit [durin the freestyle as well as the chat with Bobb and Bones] some things never change eh, and sadly, there’s no Krunchtime. If anyone knows the origins of, erm, Undaground Flavas outta downtown Hounslow, then let us know. Shouts to Krisch for helpin out with the tracks

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR [Undaground Flavas Sleeve] – 1995


O.C., Lord Finesse & KRS ONE – Brainstorm [PSK Remix]
Bobbito Intro [Wyclef & Pras in studio]
Mischief [10 Man/ Silencer] Freestyles
Mobb Deep – Still Shinin’
Group Home – Inna Citi Life
Group Home – Album Intro
Fugees Wyclef & Pras Freestyle
Redman – Funkorama
LL Cool J, Fat Joe, Foxy Brown, Keith Murray, Prodigy – I Shot Ya


Das EFX & Mobb Deep – Microphone Master [Sewa/41 St. Side Remix]
Q-Ball & Curt Cazal – My Kinda Moves
Jamal – Fades Em All [Pete Rock Remix]
DJ Krush & Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Only The Strong Survive
Mic Geronimo – Life Check
Erick Sermon – Focus
Blahzay Blahzay – Danger [Remix]
O.C., Lord Finesse & KRS ONE – Brainstorm [PSK Remix]

DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Video Footage – WKCR 89.9

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber & Lord Sear on WKCR – Turn Up the Bass

Stretch & Bobbito Prank Call


DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR – 28 September 1995 [5th Anniversary show]

Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR – 5th Anniversary Show segment –
September 28th, 1995 [Feat Kool G Rap & The Grim Reaper/ MF Grimm]

This Fat Beats distributed tape features a segment of the 5th Anniversary celebrations, this may have been heard before but I thought I’d throw this up as its a top tape; Top choice tracklisting, G Rap Freestyles, there are 2 random mixes that Stretch did himself, and ostensibly cos it just looks cool as fuck . The thin coloured card cover with the 2 authenticating super-rockin inked stamps is sick [I wonder how many they did of each of these tapes], and the upside down label on the cassette just adds to the whole thing. I think this was bought at Footwork. Nine-cinco sickness. Simple as. Big shouts to Serch and Verge over at Philaflava.

Stretch & Bobb – 28 September 1995 5th Anniversary Show LABEL SIDE:

Stretch & Bobb – 28 September 1995 5th Anniversary Show NON LABEL SIDE:


GZA – Labels [Rare remix]
L – Swift – Check Da Style
Rakim – Livin For the City
Junior Mafia – Get Money
Blahzay Blahzay – Danger [Stretch Armstrong Remix]
The Fab 5 – Leflaur Leflah
Group Home – Livin Proof
Mobb Deep – Cop Hell
D & D Project – 1, 2, Pass It [Stretch Armstrong Remix]
Mad Skillz – Nod Factor [Remix]
Stretch/ Bobb Intros
Bizmarkie – Benny & The Jets
KRS-One – Rappaz R. N. Dainja
Bad Influence – That’s The The Way Life Goes


Das EFX – Microphone Master
Redman [& Roz Noble] – I Get Down Like That
WU – Ice Cream
Kool G Rap chit-chat
MF Grimm & Kool G Rap Freestyle [over Incarcerated Scarfaces]
Kool G Rap – 456
Real Live – Real Live Shit
AZ Feat Nas – Gimme Yours
Powerule – Dawn to Dusk
Fab 5 – Blah
DJ Krush Feat themuns from The Roots – Meiso
Da Bush Babees – Brooklyn Movements
Mad Skillz Feat Large Professor & Q-Tip – Extra Abstract Skillz

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR – 26 October 1995 [presented by DJ Roc Raida]

Aside from the sibilance of Side B compared to Side A, it’s a pretty good quality tape. I didnt edit any of it, its exactly as the original Fat Beats cassette, but there are chops in there… not guilty. There’s no Stretch in the studio and pretty much all the vinyl is dropped by Roc Raida, naturally he tore it up…

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Feat DJ Roc Raida


AZ Feat Nas – Gimme Yours
Method Man Feat Redman – How High [Original Version]
KRS One Feat Das EFX – Represent The Real Hip Hop
Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
Mic Geronimo – Lifecheck
WU – Ice Cream
[Bobb intros Roc Raida]…
Sadat X & Akinyele – Loud Hangover
? – Freestyle [MC on his lunch-break?]
KRS1 – Rappaz R N Danja
Show & AG – Medicine
Junior Mafia – Get Money


Non-Phixion, Serch, Sabac, Goretex and Necro et cet [Live/ Freestyles]
Rakim & Eric B – Eric B for President
Superlover Cee – Girls I Got Em Locked
Run DMC – Peter Piper
Group Home – Livin Proof [Instrumental]
Necro, Sabac, Serch, Goretex [Freestyles]
OC – Ozone
Crime Fam – Scotch On The Rocks
Biggie – Dead Wrong
Dr. Octagon – Biology 101