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Trae The Truth’s new mixtape, The Blackprint (see what he did there..) is oot now, and fairly bangin’, if you like your southern Rap. Trae is going for the title, at least the title of King of Houston, and here, him and cousin Z ro, give tribute to 2Pac, and rope one of the OUTLAWZ in for good measure..enjoy.

Jive/ RCA showcase: Steady B, BDP, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Kool Moe Dee [22 January 1988 – 38 MINS]

More throwbacks from a Video Music Box special featuring a Jive RCA recording artists showcase [From Jazzy Jeffs 23rd Birthday].

Steady B & Tat Money – Believe Me Das Bad
BDP – Criminal Minded
BDP – Still Number One
BDP – Stop the Violence
BDP – My Philosophy
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Touch of Jazz
Jazzy Jeff – Routine
Ready Rock C – Routine
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Girls of the World…
Kool Moe Dee – Go See the Doctor
Kool Moe Dee – Do You Know what time it is?
Kool Moe Dee – How Ya Like me Now?

Disco Fever 10th Anniversary party footage from 1986

Documentation of the early days of Hip-Hop and Rap is difficult enough to acquire, lets face it, obtaining the rawest form of Rap on 30 year old cassette recordings of community centre battles are difficult enough to procure. The moving picture footage of Hip-Hop pioneers is even harder to come by than the aural form, whether it’s footage of a park jam with Jazzy Jay, Flash at The Armory or insider scoops from the WKCR days of Stretch & Bobbito. From the TVone photo-play of the Unsung series and the VH1 rockDocs like NY77, to Eli Gessners footage of Stretch & Bobb hard at work in the studios of Columbia University, TV channels and production houses continue to demonstrate the validity of the days of wayback with previously unseen visual documentation. Having the ability to watch a 50minute video with a bunch of Rap superstars of the future, that hasnt seen the light of day in 25 years, is nothing short of miraculous IMO.

This latest drop from the golden olden days features the ‘greatest street club in the world’ as owner Sal Abatiello described it on its 10th Anniversary in 1986. If you truly know Hip-Hop in its embryonic form, youll already know that the first Rap radio show was presented by Sir Juice himself Mr Magic, and of course youll know that Magic co-presented one of the most popular Rap radio shows with Marley Marl, known as the leader of the Juice Crew. Did you know that Mr Magic was originally known as Lucky the Magician when he started his career on PAYG station WHBI [They sold airtime for $75 an hour]. Or did you know that the original JUICE CREW consisted of Sweet G, June Bug, Mr Magic, Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel, Mandingo, Bam-Bam and owner Sal Abatiello?

According to Dan Charnas, who interviewed Mr Magic for his publication The Big Payback in October 2007, the OG Juice Crew All-Stars were the ‘Guys who hung out until dawn, breaking balls, playing cards, drinking and sniffing. They called themselves the “Juice Crew.” Sal even made them special “Juice Rings” to commemorate their degenerate bond’. In the clip above you’ll witness these bonds, these kinships and the connection Sal created at the Fever. Did you know that the Disco Fever was the ‘first club in the country’ to have metal detectors and a gun-check at the door? It’s interesting to note that the Disco Fever was THE first disco to charge for people to get in with sneakers on, it was a dollar to get in if you wore shoes, but it was 5 dollars if you wore sneaks.

In this prime piece of old school proceedings its all about the faces, the dance moves, the leather bombers, the mock necks as well as performances from artists like Run DMC dropping unreleased verses of Peter Piper. Youll see the Kangols and the Cazals, the Def Jam and Cutting Records promo jackets as well as the nauseous sway of the disco lights. It’s about artists like Love Bug Starski performing ‘Live At The Disco Fever’ erm, live at the Disco Fever. Melle Mels ‘energy’ as he describes the ‘old school’ of 1976 during 1986 gives me shudders, as does the shower-cap wearing, ‘green’ dealing Grandmaster Flash in the Style video also contained in this clip.

You wont witness any of the illicit goings on from the ‘back room’ at the Fever in this clip, but you can hear the avuncular way in which Sal [via Sweet G] describes the artists, that even in 1986 had progressed to successes on platforms such as ‘stage, screen & TV’, offering the viewer further evidence of how much of a family affair the Fever really was. The celebratory, kindred nature of the event is high-lighted in Whodinis closing and congregational ‘We Are The World’ type performance of Friends. Live-Aid aint got shit on this ! Run DMC share the stage along-side the Furious 5, Jimmy Spicer, Vandy C, Mr Magic and the Fat Boys as well as every other recording artist in the building that night, while a fresh-faced DJ Red Alert hangs his arm round Sal as they sing the chorus of Friends alongside the two Whodini head-liners. As Rap and Hip-Hop continue to find progression into 2012, its important to remember the innocence of these earlier times, throwbacks are a beautiful thing. More fever here, not forgetting Dante Ross’ interview with Sal for Mass Appeal magazine

From Friday, October 31, 2008 and from the same Vimeo account holder, an incredible Jeff Chang hosted panel discussion with a consummate group of pioneers from the cornerstones of the culture; Joe Conzo, Roxanne Shanté, Popmaster Fabel, Disco Wiz, Pebblee-Poo, Tony Tone, Grandwizard Theodore, Grandmaster Caz & Afrika Bambaataa alongside Born In The Bronx author Johan Kugelberg. As Chang explains during the intro, this is history.

Krush Rap TV

According to his bio, ‘Michael Elliot is one of the most accomplished African-American screenwriters in Hollywood’. After creating his own publication Krush Magazine [the very first dedicated solely to Hip-Hop, a few months before The Source appeared], he has written screenplays for movies such as Like Mike, he has worked for Puffy at Bad Boy and he penned the publication The Unsigned Rappers’ Guide to Getting a Record Deal. Elliot went on to become Director of Special Projects at The Source in 1992.

I’d never heard of Hip-Hop music video program Krush Rap until I stumbled across this EST freestyle clip below, the show was recorded in Philadelphia and broadcast on Saturday nights [BTW. Keep an eye out for the jacket worn by the ‘Overlord of Fresh’, is that a Dapper Dan?].

In this nutty clip from 1990, as well as his inability to look straight into the camera, Larry Larrs ability to pull off the Reebok 5411s in bright baby blue [The price of the ‘Hi-Top Freestyle’ after tax] is impressive.

Krush Rap was a show that was syndicated to ’21 markets’ within its 2 year run. With his charismatic and almost avuncular hosting approach, Mike Elliot presented Rappers of the moment in interviews and freestyle sessions and the like on a weekly basis. As youll see, he had a go at social commentary too. As I said, I’d never heard of the guy or this show before yesterday, but the clips that have been uploaded to YT are yet another slice of the dusted off Hip-Hop documentation I really enjoy seein on the web, fundamentally I love a good throwback.

These aint new per se, theyre just new to me. The Main Source clips see super-producer Large Professor discussing his views on the subject matter of Looking at the Front Door.

Mike knew the value of apparel and branding way-back when too…

Classic Tribe Called Quest street scene intro: ‘On the corners, brothas bop their heads, from the high-tops to the knotty dreads’ indeed…

Social Commentary

“You wanna join us on Twitta – Twitta dot jump the fuck out of your environment!”

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are the latest UK comedians to be featured on the Fosters Youtube channel [mostly making efforts to keep a straight face]. They perform nonsensical vignettes in the mould of The Smell Of & Bang Bang series, with a puzzling selection of brand new sketches every week day until the 29th of July. I’ll be honest theyre hit and miss, with the odd gem, just dont mention Families at War…


Pray for a return to Hulls ‘Eroticar revue’ of Erotic women at Barons Nightcrub [This was the original setting for a number of characters that later appeared in the BBC TV series Catterick]

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 – What’s not to like?

Just a quick heads up for those that arent already aware, a new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm kicks off tomorrow night in the US.

If you have misanthropic tendencies, if you find it difficult tip-toeing through the terrains of social interplay, or maybe you are simply a yammering old maggot, this show is for you. Love him or loathe him, Larry delivers the truth, go on an testify !


The Overlord of Fresh Live in 1989 AKA Three Times Dope on Arsenio

Hilltop Hustlers Chuck Nice, Woody [Duerwood Beale] Wood and The Overlord of Fresh EST, collectively known as 3D, perform Funky Dividends on The Arsenio Hall Show back in 89. If you axe us, Michelle, the lead in this tale of fiscal woe, was ‘everything but a sleazebag slut’. First she was with Steady B, then when pressed during this live performance, she attests to spendin time with Kool Moe Dee as well, allegedly he ‘had it all’ [sans the Liz Claiborne]. He had some silly eyewear we know that much

NB. If I wanted to sport the EST hair-style, what would I need to axe for?

Bonus Version Excursion…

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8

Classic Larry, the show returns soon…