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“Just say action

it is i, sirstyles, back in your mouthpiece…for the TwoDozen -twentytwelve, for all you suckers, as┬á i’ve been asked by the Chief Camanche (hat, fat link, gold rings, nothing fancy) your man irish Craig to get back on it like the aformationed Blue Bonnet…right.

The Beatsies are always good in interview, even when they don’t try..

they were poking fun at the absurdity that was MTV, and still doing the promo they had promised Rush Russ..



“I got friends in high places that are keeping me high”

allegedly the first lawsuit for sampling stems from this record, and that’s from the king ad whammy himself.

love how bummy they were compared to all the “regular” hip hoppers…legends…double-click on thru.

“and i’m the king Ad Rock..”

great interview from the king ad whammy.talking bout before there were samples…tape loops.

“banging stones together to make fire”…an insight into the mind of a beatsie boy.

the end result of all that fucking around with tape loops.ill.

“With your oriental pussy you can SUCK MY DICK”

ahh, the good old days, before the buddism, before he stir fried anyone in his wok,

MCA was and is a fool for this one…beastlie, and borderline racist.

rap is outta control.”Jewniggers are even more pathetic then whiteniggers´╗┐.”

i’m getting a hangover just watching..