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Trae The Truth’s new mixtape, The Blackprint (see what he did there..) is oot now, and fairly bangin’, if you like your southern Rap. Trae is going for the title, at least the title of King of Houston, and here, him and cousin Z ro, give tribute to 2Pac, and rope one of the OUTLAWZ in for good measure..enjoy.

“I got friends in high places that are keeping me high”

allegedly the first lawsuit for sampling stems from this record, and that’s from the king ad whammy himself.

love how bummy they were compared to all the “regular” hip hoppers…legends…double-click on thru.

Too west coast?

o’shea proves he’s still got some lead in his pencil and pulls this banger out his back pocket.

w.c and maylay prove you shouldn’t be ignoring them, with the standout verses, in my humble..

“If you don’t like it, pack up, get the fuck out!”

i never saw the original clip, as i was in tha streets, hustling, obviously but iv’e felt like him on many occasions.

O(lder) G(entleman) style(s)