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Fat Lace Spodcast # 8 – Presented by Daniel Large and Andrew Huge

Biggest New Year head-nods to the finest show in contemporary Rap radio. This is way more than just a simple podcast, and not just by name. The self-acclaimed ‘Portly Boys’ Dan Large and Drew Huge dont only draw the old to the new, they bring a certain unapologetic understanding to the airwaves, not too dissimilar to the Ego-Trip Book of Rap lists or J-Zones Gator$-n-Fur$ broadcasts, the Fat Lace Spodcasts make no concessions to any group of listeners. Essentially, they have a very specific comedic honesty with the banter, while entertaining the listeners with good and great music. I dont normally hear this kinda craic unless im sat around a table with pint glasses sitting on it !

They have the capacity to drop gems from artists like Chill Rob G, The Skinny Boys along with unreleased Sid & B-Tonn. They play Sir Ibu-Hamza based skits by Jaz, they make jokes about why Dan buried his old pet fish Frick & Frack down the loo [He Shouldnt Have Done It], and of course it wouldnt be the Fat Lace Show without obscure Hip-Hop youve probably never heard before; MC Woodsmoke Rock anyone?

‘Shout outs to the mans them’ as ever.

Happy 55th Birthday Tim Westwood [AKA Dont be a Crumb]

To celebrate the 55th Birthday of Tim Westwood [Happy Born-day short shins], here is some rare insight into the mind and mentality of the most recognisable voice of Rap radio. Tim is one of the most hard-working and important names in UK broadcasting from the past 25 years, and he’s a humble down-to earth cat too.

Some know him as a champion of independent black music, some misundertand him as a clown. I see him as a progressive, and have done continually since 1985 and his long-standing Zulu Message column in Blues & Soul.

Tim played at a dance on his birth-day a few years back at Hallam University in Sheffield, and as youll hear in this short clip, he was more than passionate about his shit gettin ganked. Unfortunately he had 2 records stolen from the booth by ‘some thick-set white kid’ while he was playing Punjabi MC. So passionate that when Tim gets his records boosted at a dance in Sheffield, and only realises when he’s back in London, he’s happy to drive straight back to Sheffield to ask for his joints back. And he’d be listening to 50 CENTS all the way.  The question remains, did Tim ever get his joints back?

Huge shouts to Dipod for the love, I see ya…

Here are a few Westwood bits you might not have checked recently…

“Punched in the Windpipe” The Lord Finesse story.

Real heads had this off  Westwood back in the Denzils, but i ain’t never seen footage!!, Love the energy as people hear the punchlines for the first time..Finesse is clunky, but who really out there does it better..

Lordz of the Underground didn’t know who they were fuckin’ with, with that “yes, Mr funky-man”, those fellas better cut it out.

Ricky Powell mini-doc

The chunky avuncular ways of Ricky Powell are documented briefly by Will Robson Scott in this clip. FYI. Will is the goodfella behind the Crack n Shine series of publications.

The concept is simple, lets just roll with Rick for a few hours or whatever, and witness first hand how he gets down; with strangers, with his transistor and with the retarded ways of anti-social schmuckos in the West Village. Generally, being a dude.

The Question remains…

how long will this be on the interweb?

we are a lil sad, still, but there’s only one way to turn the frown upside down..

enjoy while you can, some unrealeased, Beatsie Boys.From a “Chappelle Show” that never made it..

they are/were such good live m.c’s, breath control, breath control styly/


Whilst checking out this Harry Fraud producer guy , i stumbled on this, expecting to hate it, due to the two gentleman rhymers, but, no, this is that dope right here, and i surrender my now former opinions about both dudes.

i was sleeping on them, but at least i’m honest. and open minded.

The Break.

Related: Dirt Nasty Freestyle, hilarity indeed.

“Keep me high, Drugs is close…”

Maybe it is hip hop for white people (it seems), by a white Dude, But wasn’t Hip Hop  supposed to be about everyone integratin’, and just cutting to the good bit?

Player hate all you want…I give you, the New Mac Miller.

it’s 2012. Instead of jocking bad house music, like all your other favourite rap singers, young Malcom is actually doing something innovative, like stepping away from street based lyrics/imagery, doing his own thing, and stepping the production values way the fuck up at the same time..this could be/is, BIG, like Tom Hanks..

Jerm cooks up something that wouldn’t be out of place at magic city, complete with jokes or shots fired? Rick Ross adlibs, some southern 808 and a sharpened up flow.

His intonation definately has come on, he sure sounds surer than before, adapting the flow to the beat nicely.The 808 snaps,my favourite feature of Big Jerm’s shit, are probably better that Lex Luger’s, (yup., i said it) .

Hate Away, but it’s a sunny day, and i’m not listening..

Shake Your Rump Sample Breakdown.

once again, your man Jamie Funktuall comes with the goods, and in a mad entertaining way..breaking down every sample in the opener to the the greatest l.p ever.Paul’s Boutique check the insanity at 13.00.

he’s like a Funky Casey Casem up in this..and has the knowledge to way back up his dancing..our caps are doffed..also, wer’e a bit gutted we didn’t do it first, but hey, we get high.

click thru to “gluetube” to find a link to download this as an mp3.