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Mac Miller – Of The Soul

The most “traditional” sounding song from Mac’s recent l.p, Blue Slide Park gets a simple visual…and it works.

as he says himself “if you’re hating on the kid, then you’re out of the loop”..maybe this will please some of the bitter old hating ass hip hop nerds out there..but i doubt it..

and if you, like me, were doing your nut about where those drums are from..don’t sweat it, it’s the Les McCann’s “north carolina”, as used brilliantly on Smif’nWesson’s “let’s git it on”, proof the 90’s loom large in young mac..

anyways, young Pittsburgh Miller gets a co-sign here at the balls..

white boy awesome.

The Pricks “Ghettoblaster”

Phat Beats, by the pound…

vanderslice is forcing his way on to your radar with some heavy productions..peep..i love his bad attitude.

ride around the city in a cutlass, find a big-butt bitch, and get my nuts kissed”

if any of that doesn’t chime with you, get off my blog..#whiteboyawesome

hey young world, talking of young…

wonder if him and gary coleman ever hung out?


A master at work..

theĀ  dude, and cousin todd, who is fast becoming my hero..

araabMETALMUZIK Vol. 1

Like whoa!?!keep fronting on this dude at your peril..

A Night in New York: Live Improv Session with:

araabMUZIK (Dipset) – Drums/MPC
Inhaler (Syphilitic Lust) – Bass
Teeth (Villains) – Guitar

Put on your shit kickers…

..and get ready for slaine of La coka nostra to channel “jump around”…like it was the good old season, enjoy!

seems that subnoise is starting to encroach on undergound/white hip hop..they have swollen members and now L.c.n