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that’s why they call me….

he aint happy about it, but it’s leaked…check his twitter.

ride around the city in a cutlass, find a big-butt bitch, and get my nuts kissed”

if any of that doesn’t chime with you, get off my blog..#whiteboyawesome

hey young world, talking of young…

wonder if him and gary coleman ever hung out?


Howard Stern sons Tom Hanks’ Son, Chester…

We like a good wigger, a dignified wigger, an upstanding and intelligent wigger, we also enjoy a good warranted wigger-bashing…

“the best in the game, and i’m a white chick”

The Life..

young camaron is living the dream….and staying himself, so far..looks like a heluva good time being had by everybody..”we got our health”..

Put on your shit kickers…

..and get ready for slaine of La coka nostra to channel “jump around”…like it was the good old season, enjoy!

seems that subnoise is starting to encroach on undergound/white hip hop..they have swollen members and now L.c.n