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Mr Magic funeral [2009]

In an anthropological sense, this clip is at the very least, engaging. Its also a very uncomfortable clip to watch, not just because it features Kurtis Blow reading Mr Magics obituary, also cos Marley Marl clowns it up during a service at the open casket funeral…

“And if you dont know, now you know..”

“living like i just can’t feel no pain”

you know me, i’m all about the multi culti, and all flavours coming together, so i’m hyped about this..
spitta gets down with creative people..i think damon dash is doing good things over there at dd1772 or whatever.
i don’t hate, i celebrate..

Fish ON!

No Pants tube Ride 2011

allow the music.


The Life..

young camaron is living the dream….and staying himself, so far..looks like a heluva good time being had by everybody..”we got our health”..

“when you hear the golden voice, you know it’s me”

i can totally see this dude on t.v., with the look, plus the voice..

he’ll clean up.good luck to him.