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Rap News 6 Wikileaks

if you didn’t you do.

Finnish Him!!

they got rap in finland now..sheeet/

seems the west coast looms large all over the world, except the west coast..

better than anything mark b ever made..least it has some bounce to it.

the big budget psuedo southern flex.and whatv’e we got? N-Dubz.

Gangrene ‘Take Drugs’ Official Video

oh no makes this crispy as all hell.ill beat..i’m kinda hyped.i only say kinda, as i’m not entirely convinced of eithers ryming ability.yet.some beautiful tits in this clip, gotdammm.not really down with the lyrics, as i doubt alan is really injecting anything except “white boy awesome”


Now i’m gonna show you how the west coast rocks..

if anyone’s still waiting for detox, hoping for some next level west coast shit, i say don’t bother, just enjoy the classic shit he created,the artists he made superstars and the influence he wields, as i showed you, with even germainians biting his schnitzel…if gangsta rap is over, somebody forgot to cc these chicano mutherbruthers in to the email.cali 2010 styles.

mr criminal, hi-power’s number 1 ,in my opinion, bounces nicely over this hella funky instumental.

Centro Side Records (Featuring Mr. Blue, Creeper and Outtahand)

JKnuckles, proving that it really didn’t die, it just multiplied.

this is the kind of shit that cheers me up on a cloud dark london afternoon.


no bueno, sureno…

A lot of fraudulating in the world of the chicano gangsta rappers.c.c.c.c.Check this out.



i know it aint where your from, but it’s definately get a hold of  yourself.

he says wearing a blue plaid shirt.

i shall bring you some genuine new west coast chicano gangsta shit real soon..

“show our audience how to do a little scratching..”

tv pedo.

Get Help, Seriusly!

so, hamilton is a bit like the guy in cling film trousers, you can see he’s nuts!

he’s gone and found his old sparring partner serius jones getting a fresh, and he’s “GONE in”

THIS HAPPENED this week, but charles has BEEN crazy already..