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“Smokin out in London, and they handing me fish and chips”

not a life changer, but, still a nice lil’ sumthing for the headphones (grado, that is)..

absorb the beat,realise that it’s probly the best flip of the B.Whizzle drums (no lisa stansfield) youv’e heard, forget the first rap singer, and tune in when Mr “the Truth” comes in..all of the Mc’s come wildly differently, but all shine, including Wale, who’s never really impressed me too much (although,the line about loving his mother, and never getting married says a little too much, also, ELTON)

most improved goes to Young Khalifa Man, sounds like he may of even got his pad out for this..not just rhyming, well i might add, but using some nice inflection to sprinkle some more flavour over this niiice for the pad, or pod, or whatever.

Too true sheila..

for all those that attended last week, and for all those that didn’t…wiz performs possibly the best song on his major label l.p. in the ‘dam

smoke one for me..

“to burn my kush you must use fire”

nice lil nod to run dmc there..he has indeed fucked around and gone back to classic snoop, copped a serious beat and got a niiice co-sign from jibril himself.

smoke suttin’, it’s a beautiful day out there..


giving me some hope for the l.p..beat is niice.


jim jonsin, yelawolf’s main dude, cooks up this super-soporific, tranked-out track for young wiz’s second’s so much better than “black n yellow”(too poppy 4 me)…he seems to be polishing up and watering down in equal parts…it works, though, right?..interesting choice of guests for the l.p, snoop, short, and, erm, rawse..

wiz is only 20-sumthing in the company of real legends..ENJOY..

“Keep that, Need that , Got that” !!Snoop Dogg f. Wiz Khalifa – That Good!!

snoop and young wiz always seemed like a match, and you could definately hear the doggfather in wiz’s flow over the last few years. Snoop has always repped the steelers, too…this has the feel of a brightly light torch(insert weed metaphor here) being passed from one generation to another.. wiz smashes, while the bigg boss dogg treads water.shame he never really comes with it, cruising on charisma…but i’m not hating, i’m celebrating..#wakingandbaking

The Life..

young camaron is living the dream….and staying himself, so far..looks like a heluva good time being had by everybody..”we got our health”..

creativity, as it happens..

like the way wiz just takes over presenting..