Westwood VHS archives: Rakim, Ultra, PE, LL Cool J Live from London….

Tim Westwood has been going in heavy on the archival action recently. He’s been uploading unreleased and never seen before footage from iconic performances¬† like Rakim at Hammersmith, Ultramagnetic in Camden, Derek B live at the Hammersmith Palais and more…

Tims clips capture the raw excitement of the embryonic stages of the London Hip Hop youth culture in clips that feature body-popping on corners of Trafalgar Square, and under the watchful eye of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square.  And as well as these, he has also added outtakes from the N-Sign Rap show. We all know about the Bizmarkie handshake debacle but what about a young Will Smith dropping more bloopers than Dennis Norden !

Kid Capri on WBLS 1992

This YouTube clip may only contain a 30 minute tape rip segment of a radio show from 1992, but it’s a 30 minutes segment of a Kid Capri radio show from 1992.

This is exactly why I get hyped about Rap radio. Bangin 92 Rap, compressed, sounding chunky and cut up by a dope DJ.

Capri mawls Bite This by Shante then blends in How to Kill a Man for good measure, that alone in all it’s hissy glory is enough to make a middle-aged man-fan weep, and nod his head uncontrollably.

Shouts to MusicMan

The Freshco & Miz Story [64 Mins Doc]

Even with Moanie Love and her voice, this could be good.

Fat Lace Spodcast # 8 – Presented by Daniel Large and Andrew Huge

Biggest New Year head-nods to the finest show in contemporary Rap radio. This is way more than just a simple podcast, and not just by name. The self-acclaimed ‘Portly Boys’ Dan Large and Drew Huge dont only draw the old to the new, they bring a certain unapologetic understanding to the airwaves, not too dissimilar to the Ego-Trip Book of Rap lists or J-Zones Gator$-n-Fur$ broadcasts, the Fat Lace Spodcasts make no concessions to any group of listeners. Essentially, they have a very specific comedic honesty with the banter, while entertaining the listeners with good and great music. I dont normally hear this kinda craic unless im sat around a table with pint glasses sitting on it !

They have the capacity to drop gems from artists like Chill Rob G, The Skinny Boys along with unreleased Sid & B-Tonn. They play Sir Ibu-Hamza based skits by Jaz, they make jokes about why Dan buried his old pet fish Frick & Frack down the loo [He Shouldnt Have Done It], and of course it wouldnt be the Fat Lace Show without obscure Hip-Hop youve probably never heard before; MC Woodsmoke Rock anyone?

‘Shout outs to the mans them’ as ever.

Westwood gets high with Action Bronson

Bronson is a Rapper I know very little about, but as far as his personality goes, he’s a personable enough chap, and he has good taste when it comes to culinary choices. Im loosing my way with new Rap these days. It takes so much more wordplay and inventive or interesting production to impress me, this must be what happens after listening to this shit for 32 years.

Anyhoops, this wee interview is less about the Rappers rap singing, and more about 2 grown men getting high and acting the idjit, oh and those vinyls behind them both [and the paint job buried behind the racks too, who did that] ?

This is Westwoods record room, and what does he think its worth, does he have attachment to the ‘vinyls’ ? Discover the sad truth for yourself.

Its Jimmy, Saville…#2

More worryingly prescient comments from the late DJ, this time about Madonna, from 1985.

Billy Joel – Stilleto break [Extended]

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a break. Digging through vinyl bins and uncovering elusive breaks which have already been used is ALWAYS a pleasant experience, especially if you didn’t pay more than a pound. Equally, finding breaks that havent been used is also a good thing.

Uncovering a blissfully extended video version of something like this, a LEGENDARY Kool G Rap break by Billy “Golden Gloves” Joel is a champagne moment. It may only be an extra few bars of virtually clean drums, but cmon, this beautiful noise is priceless.

After pulling out the comparison reports, our thoughts of this just being a basic loop [ala Ultimate Breaks and Beats and pre-sampler style, erm, badly] have been supressed. Upon further inspection, it really just sounds like the band bringing out the “Road to the Riches” in a stripped down but nicely extended version in the first few minutes of the clip, right here, buried within the intro to Billy’s “My Life” video.

NB. Mr Piano Man had a serious Napolean complex if you read into the ‘tough guy’ in leathers look, New Yorks original state of mind having ‘little man’.

Evidently, Billy Joe Joel was too busy to release this extended version due to his penchant for hangin outta Christie Brinkley and lurking in ball-parks, ‘smoking cigarettes and looking tough’.¬† Be warned, this is serious brain-worm, expect to be re-living those drums in yer head sometime very soon. Don’t say we never give you nothin for Christmas !

DJ Nes – Dirty Water Jazz [Mix]

Not many weekends in 2012 were this hasnt been on rotation. Great mix of some great Jazz, dead simple. Props as ever to New Jerseys finest over at Dirty Waters.