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Jeff Ross & Snoop gettin high talkin trash…

Snoop continues to sit in a warehouse, creating captivating TV ‘from a disclosed location’. In this episode, we witness one of the funniest men alive, Jeff ‘One ugly Mother-Fucker’ Ross show up, be funny and go pale.

There are endless one-liners, top questions/ cusses and interestingly, some touching insights, but hearin Snoop fall about in fits of laughter is a major highlight.


Snoop stand-up at the Donald Trump Roast.

Happy 55th Birthday Tim Westwood [AKA Dont be a Crumb]

To celebrate the 55th Birthday of Tim Westwood [Happy Born-day short shins], here is some rare insight into the mind and mentality of the most recognisable voice of Rap radio. Tim is one of the most hard-working and important names in UK broadcasting from the past 25 years, and he’s a humble down-to earth cat too.

Some know him as a champion of independent black music, some misundertand him as a clown. I see him as a progressive, and have done continually since 1985 and his long-standing Zulu Message column in Blues & Soul.

Tim played at a dance on his birth-day a few years back at Hallam University in Sheffield, and as youll hear in this short clip, he was more than passionate about his shit gettin ganked. Unfortunately he had 2 records stolen from the booth by ‘some thick-set white kid’ while he was playing Punjabi MC. So passionate that when Tim gets his records boosted at a dance in Sheffield, and only realises when he’s back in London, he’s happy to drive straight back to Sheffield to ask for his joints back. And he’d be listening to 50 CENTS all the way.  The question remains, did Tim ever get his joints back?

Huge shouts to Dipod for the love, I see ya…

Here are a few Westwood bits you might not have checked recently…

Katt Williams – On form

Good to see Katt Williams back on form again in his new DVD, even though he looks like a pint-sized pimpin version of the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee AKA “FUCK YOU STEPHEN” !

Jerry ‘The Young King’ Seinfeld returns to our screens in something as simple as  an 8 episode string of clips based around the concept of small-talk, in and out of a car, with a cup of joe to follow.


Its a web-series about nothing. The series follows a familiar path to the Robert Llewellyn series Carpool from a few years back; just interesting people mooching around in beautiful vintage cars sharing time, jokes, tall stories about this and that and of course, a post-cruise coffee.

Each clip starts with Jerry explaining the history of each vehicle, reading off the cars stats like its Top Trumps for eccentric petrol-heads. Each clip also starts with each cars ignition emittance, and even though im no man racer, theres something special in the sound of ignition charges from a 1970 Dodge Challenger being fired up.

All 8 passengers have their own brand of humour, some of the passengers include Colin Quinn, Ricky Gervais, Brian Regan and Bob Einstein [Marty Funkhouser].

Naturally, seeing Larry sitting uncomfortably in a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle discussing the pressing issues of the day is a treat, but the chemistry between Jerry and Alec Baldwin is on some next ish.

“So you think you are RAPIER that me/ my cell mate in Rahway, he was the RAPIEST”,  was a high-light for us…


Inside Comedy with David Steinberg [Showtime]

Inside Comedy is currently my favourite TV show. It’s a one-on-one conversational format with veteran writer/ director/ stand-up David Steinberg, and its real basic. The show takes it lead from Steinbergs old 2005 programme Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg, with a simple face-to-face, breaking bread format, highlighting the ‘inspirations and influences’ of comedians and ‘funny people’ as well as ‘intimate memories and career-defining moments’. Things are a little loose in direction at times and the show might seem brief, but the raw, rare and uncensored footage adds to the fabric of this quality production. NB. The only laugh-track is provided organically by the camera and sound crew…

Some of my personal favourites in Comedy appear over the course of the 10 episode investigative mini-season which started 26 January 2012; Chris Rock, Steven Wright, Judd Appatow, Tina Fey, Garry Shandling, Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld and Mel Brooks. In terms of the level of talent, its a no-brainer. Steinberg interviews some of the finest comedians alive, going back as far as Jonathan Winters and Don Rickles [Louie CK was probably too busy, at the gym no doubt]…

As a guideline, here’s the Chris Rock episode.

“That’s rubbish, there’s loads of guns in it, Turn it up”

some very nice quotables here..The Chain..in full, well partial effect.Day Job steez.

Thank me later, like Drake’s uncle from Sly and the Family Stone.Thafe.

bonus..i believe this is an actual commercial..

“Your linking audio segments are Diamonds floating in a vast sea of Shit that is MTV. Thankfully I don’t have to swim around in it to find them! Thanks boys!”

Flavor Flav – Friars Club Comedy Roast / ‘Yer like a turd with teeth’….

If you are offended easily, stroll on. This post is not for those of a delicate nature.

The format of the Friars Club Comedy Roast has been around since the 1920s, its a simple set-up, the ‘roastmasters’ take turns at throwing comedic punches at the ‘roastee’ regarding their lifestyle, their career and anything else worth taking the piss out of. It might seem cruel, malicious and downright sick, but its all in good spirits, despite Jimmy Carr and some of his guests [and even viewers] completely missing the point and being offended in the UK version. Its probably the only time we can hear racist jokes without the principal character actually being racist, if you dont understand that concept, again, stroll on.

Here’s the audio from the Flav roast, *pop that isht in the cassette deck and laugh yer collar off next time you do a school run.

Out of all the Comedy Roasts, there are many highlights; the early Dean Martin show roasts are incredible documents, especially the Redd Foxx roast featuring Nipsey Russell and Slappy White. Jerry Stiller being roasted by his son Ben [and Jason Alexander] was absurdly funny, Bob Saget was bodied by way too many to mention, but my holy grail is probably the Chevy Chase roast from 1990. Apparently its never been repeated and never been made available again since its original broadcast. Dan Ackroyd was the host and at one point described Chevy as ‘A comedian with all the charisma of a hillside strangler’… If anyone has any knowledge of how to get hold of it, get in touch. I think I soiled myself a little the first time I heard Greg Giraldo describe Gary Busey as someone that just ‘flew in from lobotomy island’. The Richard Pryor roast was also comedy central, way before erm, Comedy Central

My personal favourite ROASTMASTER would probably be the late and also great Greg Giraldo, a man that took no prisoners in his delivery of caustic one-liners…

To Pamela Anderson: ‘I’ve jerked off to you alot, youve caused me to spill more seed than Muhammed Ali at a bird feeder’

From Flavs roast:

GREG: Ice T you fuckin fossil, youre so old, the first thing you bought with your record deal was your freedom !

JEFF ROSS, the Roastmaster General: How do we embarrass a crackhead that wears a viking helmet? How do we roast charcoal?

SNOOP: Its about time someobody said some gangsta shit up here. Knock Knock [whos there?], a Nigga wit a muthafuckin gun.

FLAV: Yo Snoop, I cant believe some of the shit you said about me, lets face it, this aint the first time you got away with murder !

RIP to Greg Giraldo and the sorely missed Patrice O’Neal

*From the MC Shan school of parenting

The piccolo player’s a mother-fucker !

Uncovering sample sources and breaks is a never-ending game…