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Typhoon Crap

It is a rare scenario that I shriek with laughter for any length of time, unless it is caused by the leanings of the god Larry David, Louis CK or HOTASBALLS associate MrStyles. When I watched this clip below, I laughed so hard that my brother left the principal activities of stirring risotto in the kitchen, and sprinted up two flights of stairs cos he thought I was having some sort of fit, true story…

Im so blessed to have stuck with Hip-Hop, continually enjoying the soundtrack of my youth, watching the younger folk take the format and the blueprints, doing their own thing with them, creatively forging new ways of doing what we already did. It is even more rewarding when sincere Rap-singer entertainment like this comes along and makes me snort coffee out my nose. I cant hate on anyone these days, it’s a real waste of energy, I prefer to laugh…

TV Carnage – Seinfeld parody

TV Carnage rarely disappoint


“You wanna join us on Twitta – Twitta dot jump the fuck out of your environment!”

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are the latest UK comedians to be featured on the Fosters Youtube channel [mostly making efforts to keep a straight face]. They perform nonsensical vignettes in the mould of The Smell Of & Bang Bang series, with a puzzling selection of brand new sketches every week day until the 29th of July. I’ll be honest theyre hit and miss, with the odd gem, just dont mention Families at War…


Pray for a return to Hulls ‘Eroticar revue’ of Erotic women at Barons Nightcrub [This was the original setting for a number of characters that later appeared in the BBC TV series Catterick]

Mark the 45 Thing


Super dopey producer DJ Mark the 45 King makes for another perplexing sit down with Prince Paul in this latest installment of his Making The Beat series of ‘Talk shows’…


As it was with #1, Paul is the consummate pro, even when Mr James drops some real smart-dumb cat ihst. As youd expect, Paul is entertaining, interesting,¬†accomodating and downright safe as feck. The camera angles are jokes too, Mark hasnt sussed out that even with all the finest tech, it would be refreshing for the viewer to see the interviewees face as he’s being interviewed.

Keep up Mark, you blazed a trail, looks like you been blazing too much recently. Lay off the pop-tarts, make a beat already and dig out that Breakout tape for fecks sake. Now who’s up for a game of chess?

Steinski Version Excursion

As all you regular readers will know, one of the many things we like to highlight here on the BALLS are the origins of sample sources. We know that some folk dont appreciate letting breaks go, that’s a fair comment if you are DJing at Zulu nation B-Boy battles/ are a serious collector or you still soak the labels off your vinyl [can you soak the label off a Serato disc?]. Anyways, I very much doubt that the pioneering Mr Steve Stein is going to be on the phone complaining about us letting this one go.

Most of the time it’ll be a version excursion [as we know them], featuring the Rap song that utilised a break, then the break et cetera, our Mothers taught us well, our Mothers taught us to share and share alike. It’s mostly as simple as poppin a Youtube clip up and being done with it, but sometimes it’s more than just a musical issue…

The track above by Steinski & Double Dee ‘Hip-Hop is not Rap’, is a short singled out cut culled from an incredible live set by the pair, recorded back in January 2008 at the Irving Plaza in NY. The mix is called Who Owns Culture and the title is based on the 2005 Wired magazine article of the same name by writer and copywright activist Lawrence Lessig, author of this, which you need to read.

Until recently, I’d not heard the mix, but when I did get to listen to it, I instantly recognised a vocal that was also incorporated into the model Steinski mix, Nothing to Fear [one of the finest and most detailed mixes in mash-up/ megamix/ cut and paste history]. I had heard the same voice utilised and sprinkled over the top like an aural hot sauce on WOC, but it puzzled me every time, pondering its origins, which it transpires, are from 2002. Motherfucker !

Thanks to the good people at unheard78.blogspot.com, I’ve now learnt that the distinctive voice belongs to a playwright, poet, Hip-Hop purist, founder of the Hip-Hop Theater Festival and all-round outspoken good guy Danny Hoch. Fundamentally, it’s just another piece in the puzzle confirmed, thanks again to DT@Unheard. For the record, I watched the odd Def Comedy Jam, never Def Poetry Jam, seems there was somethin in it…

It seems that Danny Hoch has had a few run-ins with Hollywood and the industry in general, even going so far as getting readings for the Seinfeld show and poo-pooing their stereotypes in favour of raising awareness of racial oppression. Stay true to the game eh…

Give Mr Stein a shout if you wanna buy a copy of the alblum, im not sure if it’s available anywhere right now, but he’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction if it is.

Head over to Unheard for a shed-load of Steinski doozies and a recent interview with the good man himself…

Brothers from Brentford in Essex AKA “Big shout out to Stacey from Southend”

Keep yer ears peeled back for some crackin lines in this really well constructed parody of life ‘pon road’, in erm, Essex. This is sharply written stuff, but its the ad-hoc gear that organically adds to the comedic value. These boyos [as my Mum refers to them] have done a solid job of takin the pish outta this delusional white-boy wide-boy phenomenon of track-pants wearing chiefs. It’s guaranteed to raise a few laugh out louds, so get involved. Shouts to the stylist for keepin just the right amount of Lo in effect, ‘large-ups’ to Ollie O over at BNTL and a solemn and somber shout-out to Weapon-Xs Grandad…

“Camera-man, lighter !”

Chris Rock on Letterman the other night…

Chris Rock is virtually doing stand-up here, except he’s sitting down.¬† He’s just in conversation with [his close mate] Dave Letterman, and it may be pre-scripted, but he flows, and he’s naturally very very funny. His routines have been so sharp over the past few years, and aint nothin slowing¬† down, thank feck…

In case you missed it…

Droppin Seinfeld science AKA Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy CD

If you think Jerry Seinfeld is/ was kinda funny, stroll on. If you recognise that Jerry is the key that unlocked the majority of popular and unpopular recognised traits in contemporary comedy in 2011, read on.

One of my favourite Comedy movies is The Comedian, a very funny film about the methodical codes and processes of the culture of Comedy itself. It’s also got one of the finest trailers, which has no bearing on the film. Jerry “but his name is Jerome” Seinfeld gets back out on the road, post the 9 Season Seinfeld NBC TV Show and the reunion, and uncovers a terrifying world of ‘starting over’ on the stand-up circuit. It was a captivating insight and with regards to the discussional element, it seems it was worth recreating in another format, evidently in television.

As you can see, HBO are currently promoing a show called Talking Funny, due to start on US screens April 22nd. The Marriage Ref may be getting a second season, although I for one will not extend my man-fan generosity to watch it. Just not my bag.

Obviously, this lot are a far cry from Kinison, Hicks and Pryor sipping on something round at Carlins place, but it’ll do in the scheme of things.

Alternatively, watching a handful [well, at least 3] of the sharpest stand-up comedians in 2011 shootin’ the gift round a coffee table does captivate my curiosity. It’s just that breaking bread/ pub talk shit, without the grog or improper use of loose tongues. It seems that the show will be the four faces you see above: Ricky Gervais; Jerry; Chris Rock and Louis CK, all simply discussing the science of comedy and the individual elements that lead to the funnies, all unscripted and edited together afterwards. Go back to when Larry or Garry met Gervais for clarity on how cool Gervais actually is.

It’s pretty obvious these guys are at the pinnacle of their game, so it’ll be interesting to see just how Louis, who generally appears to [after watching the challenging yet funny as all hell Louis show on FX] overlook industry expectations and restrictions, will fare along with the other American ‘grumpy old men’.

For anyone in need of the aural extension of the movie The Comedian this is it. Jerry Seinfeld in conversation during 2001, one on one, unveiling of the science of Comedy. Alternatively this is for those that simply require confirmation on the white Nike wearin icon.

Jerry Seinfeld on Comedy – http://www.mediafire.com/?n7gpxngjl7w9ld2

This one’s for all you smart-dumb mongoloids that walk into strangers in the street.

Bonus Complete Guide to Jerry Seinfeld’s Sneakers