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Mnmn, thats me eating chinese food..

bitches…two newies from cinematic, who i feel, are doing a lot for hiphop right now.keeping a certain qualty control..

so, youv’e seen the nardwuar interviews from this years south by southwest, which we need to go to, but have you seen HIM interviewed?

also, some behind the scenes of the stu.

the result of that session..

retarded good.


for those of us who are beat minded this is the holy grail. and those copies of “to sir with love” (shit film by the way, lulu’s in it) can go on ebay. science.

“shit be extra extra large”

“come with all the swagger, but your’e lacking all the substance”!!NEW MAC MILLERXKHRYSIS!!

“the best in the game, and i’m a white chick”


new bishop lamont, feat sonreal…shameless catering to the college crowds.good to hear any new nathaniel though.

Cassetteboy, still doin it real big…

As I hung at casa-Styles last week, an old Cassetteboy track shuffled across the [Johnny] Brennan hard-disk music player display and as ever, had me chuckling heartily

I always liked Cassetteboy with his acerbic cutting and pasting of general pop-cultural ephemera, all while ripping the pish clean out of perfectly ordinary people

Good to see some things never change…

Here he rips the arse out of some Essex themed hellavision show as well as the Harry Potter series of filims…

There’s plenty more on his Youtube channel, get involved

Here’s his 2002 full-lengther, The Parker Tapeshttp://www.megaupload.com/?d=8EY4UBU3


neighbourhood nip.

he’s maturing nicely.as a rap singer.the tone he strikes is kinda hopefull, even.like it.

and before you say anything, it could of sampled “the bartender and the thief”