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Harlem Nights: Nu skool electro, with the original instruments.

“retarded good” disco is thier forte, using the original keyboards they used in the olden days.

fuck apps.

but there are a few forays into the electro side of things, and it really comes off.

here, they take on a few of the classics, perhaps some of the most famous classics, in all the world of music.

doug e fresh.run dmc.flash & melle mel.gotdamn.

even a bit of italo for that azz..

get involved..

NBA Jam On It

The Onion have their say on the NBA

OH MY, he’s on FIRE !!!

Katt Williams [Stand-up from Grand Theft Auto4]

KW does a few bits about Grand Theft Auto and Liberty City, in a clip from the game.

Dont know if I could ‘watch this all day’ though

‘Track & Field’ events

Don Hayes at Funspot, the oh so fun spot in ‘King of Kong’

Don Hayes is the World Champ at Centipede, Dig Dug, Domino Man, Frogger, Lode Runner, Millipede Marathon and Tournament, Space Invaders, Super Cobra, Tron and Super Zaxxon

Sustained-adolescence havin twat !

Remember that finger tap thing you had to do to be king of this game?

Don’s got some serious throwback finger action at the 2mins mark…

My Man !

Street Fighter 4 Trailer

This kinda makes us want to head back down to Goodge Street arcade, but last time we were there we were challenged and soundly beaten by the kind of guy that paints orcs, and spies on his little sister in the shower

[Complete with tightly laced, size 12 New Balance]…

Still this looks like a whole bunch of fun

If you cant wait, get yer Street Fighter 2 on with the good folk at Yo-Yo this Thursday night, we already know who’s gonna win this time round too