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Straight Killa.Freddie “gangsta” Gibbs.

nice lil doc on the indiana new jack who definately has the ear of the hotasballs mandem.

if you haven’t downloaded, for free, his new mixtape “Str8 killa no filla” you need your head read.

a nice flip of “born to roll” which freddie flips incredible patterns still maintaining complete control of his g.

his first real single, and it’s called “national anthem: fuck the world”..love it!

new shit.free p!

sid roams made the beat, big twin did the “engineering”.

recorded from state prison.

“we have a new challenger!”

the bronx’s Pryme

the hard one.

one for the ladies

the bun-b co-sign.

if you dont know…

my man….music mike.

we, erm, touched on this dude yesterday, but seriously, yo, this dude is bananas.

was he a dj? just a big music fan?slightly creepy?

does what he says, plays some slept on gizznems from back in the dilznays.but so, so much more.he edits a dope video, kicks a little k(nowledge), and gets the fuck outta there…

interviews too, check him interviewing/asskissing the dude from k.c and the sunshine band…more gas than exxon.

he goes deep like freddie west on this one!

the inspiration for that dodgy old party cut that ice t did, with everlast..anyways,

ill cover version of the excorcist.go, music mike.3.55 for the drums.

And….the guy is a radio buff, but to the extreme.

his other channel is all airchecks, jingles, and test broadcasts from throughout the states.

dude is off the richter

wacky d’s commercial from the 70’s.

act like you know.


while prodigy’s away, the alchemist will play..new lp with oh no.dope.i’m liking the 80’s cheap video/riot type vibe type shit.

an appetiser

main course, check alan sporting mike muir’s suicidal look..


scrap metal from philli.

damn, they hungry.

to me though, their star is monsta man.dude spitting…unsigned.

hallway style.

he’s got whole songs in head, not just hot 16’s.

a little behind the scenes, including my man spitting the first rhyme he ever wrote.aged 10.

i wanna hear real records from this guy.case closed.

when it drops….

they the west !

DJ Quik & Kurupt – 9xs outta 10 audio from 9 Elements

this shit is swineflu

quik & kurupt

any excuse..