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And another one..

bit o jazz on a monday morning, loverly…oh, wait, it’s the tune rza samples on “ice cream”..first “shook ones” then “ice cream…where will it end?

Those Fuckin Kids..

OFFICIAL adidas x Snoop Dogg x HVW8 present: The Dogg House

words dont really do this clip justice.just let snoop grab the mic and flex over dam funk instrumentals..he’s is the last actual freestyler who’s a major.

listen to these fucking hipsters barely applauding a rap legend. makes me sick.

Fish ON!

“If they got em at the mall, then i don’t care..”

shouts to these two for the slick rick doug e fresh nod.someone’s still feeling the classics?..nice sunshine west coast thing going on..and the subject matter, it’s a lock.

“what would life be without the chicken wing?”

snoop hams it up for this pepsi/snoop dogg commercial shown during the superbowl..is that pepsi co-opting the stoner vote??..the big boss dogg was on twitter, linking this with “got the munchies?”, so it seems so.

rock on!


dj Funktuall sits down and chops it up with electro legends, newcleus. his interviews are becoming his strength..respect.

He’s a human beat box and an entertainer…