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World’s Best Looking Sound – WBLS TV ad


Rap radio is an odd beast, there is a huge community of people like myself that fiend for those dusty tapes of hissy broadcasts from the days of way-back. Along with the park jams and community centre parties with now well known names like Herc and Flash, and the uncelebrated and often overlooked talents of early Rappers like Grandmaster Caz and Johnny Wah, the early days of Hip-Hop are some of the purist to those that lived through them, so those old tapes arent simply a throwback to better times for the elders, they are capsules of the golden era, the silver era, and all eras in-between. An historic cache for future generations to enjoy too.

The radio shows that initiated Hip-Hop listeners on a path to pure righteousness are paved with gold school nuggets that only they can ponder with their peers, without sounding like some old fool archeologists. Thankfully, younger generations are catching up too, but the aural capital of those dusty old ferric, chrome and even metal cassettes can generate the oddest reactions in those that understand little of the culture.

The history of Hip-Hop wouldnt be the same without New York radio station WBLS [the BLS an abbreviation of Black Listening Station or Best Looking Sound]. The frequency of 107.5 MHz was a regular for NY listeners that listened in for what is now considered the ‘urban contemporary sound’, fine tuning to hear that panning station ident voiced by station director the legendary Frankie Crocker. Whether people wanted music from club DJs Timmy Regisford and David Morales on the famous Saturday Night Dance Party, or later with Reggae visionary Bobby Konders, people tuned in in their thousands.

I first knew of WBLS when I was 16, answering pen-pal ads in Blues and Soul to feed my Hip-Hop habit. I’d been educated in the ways of Kool DJ Fred Alert and the WRKS shows and then I rediscovered an archive of classic Rap radio presented by legends in the game; Mr Magic, Chuck Chillout, Marley Marl & Pete Rock [not forgetting Chilly Q and Kevy Kev], Silver D and of course, Superman DJ Clark Kent.

Outside of the 5 boroughs, who knew they were advertising on TV back in 78?

DJ Marley Marl Presents West End Mixtape Sessions [2005] & Grandmaster Flash Presents Salsoul Jam [1997]

West End and Salsoul Records were 2 of the most successful labels of the disco genre,with both having pretty under-stated mixtape make-overs from 2 of Hip-Hops finest over the years.

Feeling the tasteful artwork? Feck that, the mixes are tight. Both mixes feature some rare early Disco-Rap cuts, as well as the more popular end of the labels respective catalogues, both DJs tear up the right breaks, and at the right times. Have a listen and let us know what you think

DJ Marley Marl Presents West End Mixtape Sessions [192]

Taana Gardner – Heartbeat

Sweet G – A Heartbeat Rap

D’bora – No Sense

Diamond D – Fresh Avenue

DJ Divine – Get Into the Mix

Sesso Matto – Sessomatto

B+ – B-Beat Classic

Raw Silk – Do It To the Music

NYC Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait

Mahogany – Ride on the Rhythm

Shirley Lites – Heat You Up [Melt You Down]

Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face

Taana Gardner – Work That Body

Billy Nichols – Give Your Body Up to the Music

Taana Gardner – When You Touch Me

Marley Marl feat. MC Shan – Do Like This


Grandmaster Flash Presents Salsoul Jam [256]


Salsoul Orchestra – Runaway

Loleatta Holloway – Hit And Run

Skyy – High

First Choice – Love Thang

Silvetti – Spring Rain

First Choice – Doctor Love

Aurra – Checkin You Out

Aurra – Make Up Your Mind

Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up

Salsoul Orchestra – You’re Just The Right Size

Double Exposure – My Love Is Free

Salsoul Orchestra – Ooh I Love It [Love Break]

Skyy – Let’s Celebrate

Skyy – Call Me

Instant Funk – Slap Slap Lickety Lack

First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder

Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation

Skyy – Here’s To You

Double Exposure – Ten Percent

Various – Salsoul 1 [Compiled by Norman Jay MBE for KISS FM 1988]

Here’s a Norman Jay MBE compilation of Salsoul tracks from 1988

The OG cassette rip was boosted from a very random blog, and in seperate parts for some reason. Anyhoops, here’s the tape blended as a whole, it’s warm and hissy and simply good music from an iconic label, it’s all about Loleatta Holloways All About The Papers for that singalongaSalsoul action though…

The tape in its entirety is available here

Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus

I’d love to see the looks on contemporary marketing and promotion teams faces if an artist suggested a promo where children get escorted onto a bus with few windows.

Okay, so Steinski utilised sections as part of Lesson Two/ James Brown Mix with Double Dee back in 85. Rodney O & Joe Cooley also sampled from it on the Cooley High 12″ [of which the opening to my copy is worn to buggery]. Timbaland did summat similar for Missy Elliots Work It, as well as Tim Simenon for the Bomb The Bass classic Beat Dis, but who knew there was a promo for this 1980 novelty ?

Ahh, the never-ending treats from the internuts.

DJ Cash Money – Need To Learno Plot One

They call him Cash Cash Money, but his name his, erm, Jerome…

HOTASBALLS have history, admittedly, ALOT of Hip-Hop history, that’s why the Hip-Hop soundtrack for the creators of this blog is anything from pre-1980 community centre Hip-Hop from the likes of Johnny Wah or Masterdon Committee, to blissed out lethargic G-Funk, via the gnarliest Mobb sound that would guarantee to put hairs on yer wee chest. This time round, its gold school Hip-Hop at it’s finest. Some Crash Crew, Busy Bee, some CC4 live, Treach3, Funky4, T-Connection & the elusive Radiance with RC La Rock amongst others. Straight pre golden-era park jam top-rockin type Hip-Hop, in a mixtape. I’ve done my best to tweak the eqs in an attempt to re-master it, it was a pretty shitty quality tape to start with but Ive done my best…

DJ Cash Money – Need To Learno Plot 1

SIDE A – www.mediafire.com/?03wutw39jp79qu5
SIDE B – www.mediafire.com/?gk6b7kbd5ma7dd0

The mixtape has one of the tightest examples of scratching, on a mixtape, like ever. True story.

Here’s Cash and Marvellous during 1988, on the Tim Westwood hosted Night Network TV Show ‘N-Sign Radio’, performing Ugly Woman and another tight as feck routine.

Harlem Nights: Nu skool electro, with the original instruments.

“retarded good” disco is thier forte, using the original keyboards they used in the olden days.

fuck apps.

but there are a few forays into the electro side of things, and it really comes off.

here, they take on a few of the classics, perhaps some of the most famous classics, in all the world of music.

doug e fresh.run dmc.flash & melle mel.gotdamn.

even a bit of italo for that azz..

get involved..

check this shit out..dancin’


carnival scmarnival…

we say fuck it, skin up and watch this.

we could dance like that, we just don’t want to.innit.