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Improv, Everywhere..

in the never-ending search for ways to expand our, er, remit here at hotasballs, i come across all kinds of shit.

some of the creativity, and of course, dumbness out there on the internets is astonishing.

“must be some ass under there” Bill “George”Clinton.

if youre a sex pervert, like we are, you may enjoy this.

Art(?) collective, Improv Everywhere have built a substantial following in new york, and of the course, the net, with stunts like these, a no pants(read, trousers) subway ride, attracting  nine thousand people, some of them foine as filznucc, and all quite up for it..in an arty way of course.entertaining.

kinda shit you wish you would see on the late night tube ride..

bit o’ racial satire, taking a black dude down to aspen, as a curiosity.

and some other real gems.peep it out.

C’Mon Son 6

If you dont know, now you know…

err, no.

me thinks she is trying to hard.

she must need the money.sheeeet.

the great white hope.

dope doc on dope.

over 12 million served.

he almost takes you there……wherever that is.

throwback tuesday.

“the lines, the gaps..”

sometimes we yearn for the life..

“That’s real..”

Since New Orleans in the news

Crazy as fuck

Some insight, and a whole lotta guns

Pour it up.. . That oil

Anyone who knows anyone, regarding this purple drank, get at us…

Looks like a right laugh…

Drank at Mom’s house, firstroundknockoutstyle…

The blueprint – Shouts to Pimp C

Sippin the barre………….check the drop at the very end…