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Z-ro, plus the, new, but dope to my ears Chris Ward resurrect Mr Dr Dre.

to a gangsterous effect.

“i could sell cocoa butter to a caucasian”, or of course “shit to an arab”

“Catch up now, or find out later”

i’m revenge in the form of success to all haters

For me, a strong centender for the best l.p of last year was “the marathon continues”, and this was the first song i heard off of it..now getting a very nice visual inspired by Nipsey’s trip to the far east, shouts dantheman.There’s multiple gems dropped in this song, all over some art of noise-inspired greatness. And those drums are hard as fuck.

“in the material world, the thought is contagious..”, that, is some rakim-type shit right there.

How about some actual hardcore?

Sean Price & Cold World-

How The Gods Chill.

shouts to frank 151.mystery meat.

Sean Price to me, has always embodied that lyrical heavy metal, the attitude,especially nowadays..so, maybe it seemed logical to pair him with a “rock” group (have you noticed no rapper seems to know there are different kinds of rock music) , in this case, penn state hardcore band ColdWorld. named possibly after a Gza song, and a band that used have a d.j, ala Mordred..they seem suited.#HYPED.can you hear the mountain samples in track?>

“i don’t see no fucking hope”

Mac Miller

mac miller, fresh outta school, fresh faced, and fresh off the dank by the looks of things.

liking this.

he has a new mixtape out on the thirteenth of next month, called k.i.d.s.

rappers just getting younger and whiter, huh..and yes, i know it’s hip 2 da game.

Improv, Everywhere..

in the never-ending search for ways to expand our, er, remit here at hotasballs, i come across all kinds of shit.

some of the creativity, and of course, dumbness out there on the internets is astonishing.

“must be some ass under there” Bill “George”Clinton.

if youre a sex pervert, like we are, you may enjoy this.

Art(?) collective, Improv Everywhere have built a substantial following in new york, and of the course, the net, with stunts like these, a no pants(read, trousers) subway ride, attracting  nine thousand people, some of them foine as filznucc, and all quite up for it..in an arty way of course.entertaining.

kinda shit you wish you would see on the late night tube ride..

bit o’ racial satire, taking a black dude down to aspen, as a curiosity.

and some other real gems.peep it out.

bit o’ the old john mcenroe..

og headband,erm, reviewed by the one and only bud guru, check him out for the ill strains, and to catch proper weed envy.

…legalize it!

mmm, tiddies..

new video from asher roth.loved the mixtape.so much better than marshall.

“jane…oh, what a nice name”

going back to 86, alarm radios must of been real pricey cos, for the first few bars of erick sermon’s verse on “jane”,he not only brags about having one, but borderline schools you on what an alarm clock radio IS.deep.this, for me, is the kinda random shit that i love epmd for.in the early days, they were not even very good rappers, on par with duece poppi, or some shit, but they had good chemistry as a duo, and of course the “jane” saga, a five-deep, not very well thought out, multi-song story about a girl that they fuck/like/dislike/like again/kill..on every epmd lp there was a jane song, and even redman makes mention about meeting her..

alarm clocks aside, they tell a strange story, as they both rap from ericks perspective at first, then take individual roles, then switch up again as erick takes jane to bed…

also, listen again, because for the love of god, it doesnt make any sense!, even to rap thinkers extrawdinare, like myself..

let us count the ways..

erick sets his fancy alarm clock radio, but makes no mention of having two females at his house, or the fact that he has pre arranged with pmd, the microphone doctor, to be his wingman, and take up the slack on this other girl, we assume the ugly/fat friend, who’s hair is the only thing of note about her.

so, from the jump i’m confused.it’s also so old school, nowadays the story would be about banging both of them in the ass, whilst smoking a blunt the size of amsterdam.but i digress.

next morning he (the e double) wakes to a note where jane kinda disses his lovemaking ability, the cow, by saying she wants him to be better, bigger, stronger and much faster(huh?)..although he has kinda admitted he was a shit lay already, with lines like “she showed pain but inside she felt joy” and telling us that he was” tired of busting her” by 3am, all classic denial behaviour, added to fact he mentions the alarm clock radio more than her in the first place(must put a girl off),so, overall, he’s not really selling the encounter to me..why would you write a song about being shit in bed?, i mean he already has a lisp!


what happened to p’s girl?why does erick wonder who is at his door, when he knows p is coming over..?jane appears to try and chat p up at first, so whats happing with the friend? sherlock holmes could not riddle me this.

musically, dope mary” jane” flips, nicely scratched up by dj k la boss, but why are they triggering what sounds like parrish saying “swamp thing”?,is it to distance erick from the j to the a to the n to the e?, or just for pure randomness?.that beat made it as far as a texas single at one point, i believe.

this song raises more questions than it answers, the main one being why didn’t they think it through a bit better?.iv’e listened to it five times in the course of writing this, and i will damned if i can work it out.


pt 2 soon..i’m audi like kirk gaudi.