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hype-hop rules in 09.

fashawn’s l.p drops very soon, the mixtape was really good, so.

spend money.dude truly deserves people reaching into their pockets.a taster.

from “the antidote” mixtape.rakimisms abound, but he totally carries it off,

the raspy voice, the jewels dropped, and no dodgy shit about calling him “mr sexy”

amsterdam, here we come…

and a cali anthenem..

the great white hope.

dope doc on dope.

“slap your troubles away”

with slap-chop.


what’s cookin’…?

cut straight to 2.30 to see these spanish guys, who should of already moved to the states, rocking that shit, live.

flipping biggie up against mike jack, theyv’e got ears pricked up all over the world.

here’s why

i liked hustler’s ambition, but this flip of the champagne girl’s “the show is over” works much better..

oh, they make bangers too.

dope remixes..

and a cool tribute to ike turner.

good to see talent count for something in this cold, cold world..

over 12 million served.

he almost takes you there……wherever that is.

throwback tuesday.

go joe! go joe!

joeyjr is a fool for these.

don’t front, joey has it.whatever it is..and these tunes are just right for a saturday night.boppers

the illest.

check my man out..0.40

oh my god.

Pour it up.. . That oil

Anyone who knows anyone, regarding this purple drank, get at us…

Looks like a right laugh…

Drank at Mom’s house, firstroundknockoutstyle…

The blueprint – Shouts to Pimp C

Sippin the barre………….check the drop at the very end…