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“Keep that, Need that , Got that” !!Snoop Dogg f. Wiz Khalifa – That Good!!

snoop and young wiz always seemed like a match, and you could definately hear the doggfather in wiz’s flow over the last few years. Snoop has always repped the steelers, too…this has the feel of a brightly light torch(insert weed metaphor here) being passed from one generation to another.. wiz smashes, while the bigg boss dogg treads water.shame he never really comes with it, cruising on charisma…but i’m not hating, i’m celebrating..#wakingandbaking

Capricious Ricky Powell post

Bitches Aint Shit Version Excursion

What the fuck? Any danger of leaving Rap outta the Glee club for now girls? Actually, we dont care

This is so surreal, watching the pretty preppy girly-girls rappin about pussy and ‘niggas’ and ‘hangin’ with a white bitch doin’ the shit she do’ just aint right, but like BBC Radio 3, I had no good reason to turn it off.

These girls are no more ‘hood’ than dog-walkers, casually draping sweaters over BOTH shoulders? Nah black ! A little surprise sex might change their attitude


neighbourhood nip.

he’s maturing nicely.as a rap singer.the tone he strikes is kinda hopefull, even.like it.

and before you say anything, it could of sampled “the bartender and the thief”

Straight Killa.Freddie “gangsta” Gibbs.

nice lil doc on the indiana new jack who definately has the ear of the hotasballs mandem.

if you haven’t downloaded, for free, his new mixtape “Str8 killa no filla” you need your head read.

a nice flip of “born to roll” which freddie flips incredible patterns still maintaining complete control of his g.

his first real single, and it’s called “national anthem: fuck the world”..love it!

ah, new york, new york..

where attitude’s are fucked up.and real shitty.

dms’s bulldoze..street level hard-core, at it’s best.



Conscious Daughters- Something to ride to

also known as “Fonky Expedition”
Sometimes when it’s pissing down here in the L, ie, all the time,
my mind wanders back to the yay area, not that it doesn’t piss down there too but I get a yearning to cruise the highway with the top down and bust out some fonkiness.
here TCD let us guys know that girls can do G-funk too, even if they do sound like men.

The Conscious Daughters Ear To The Street--f

my namesake..

and possible contender for the boys name, are a hardcore band from seattle.

madball might be a little mad at them for the influence/biting, but they’re all old now, so i doubt a beatdown.

my world…fuck you.bitch.

hard to the cizzore..