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Mama, i made it!

wev’e kinda steered wide of the blueprint three here, iv’e not even heard it yet, for example..

normally we appreciate in heterospect here at “the balls”..mainly to show that wer’e not on ANYONES dick, these are our real opinions and the tastes displayed are mainly to be edumacational to lames, and mainly about showing and, possibly proving we are indeed, the shit.


rap finally got on oprah!!respect to shawn for that alone.two worlds meeting at last, at least officially, you know, as in, on the telly.i grew up on oprah, via my mum.oprah and cosby.

so to see the jiggaman get the oprah treatment is, for me, some kind of cultural moment.

he did a quincy and took her back the block.

i love the internet, for things like this..third person footage.

as you were..


in the caff with the missus on sunday morning, she opens up the guardian, and out pops the glossy mag, and who’s on the cover?

the kid 50 cent.

curtis is there inside discussing his co-sign-co-op of the 48 laws of power, of those books that people always say you should read, cos they read it in jail..a cold hearted self help book, if you will.

anyways, fuck all that, he’s still releasing bangers, “flight 187” being one example.

i could ramble on about how people get the wrong end of this guys career, focussing on the negativity, rather than the fact the guy has tons of charisma, is funny on record, and can actually rap.i know hotasballs is mostly a h8tr free zone, so i don’t need to.thafe.

coming off the back of releasing three dope albums for free, bussing his whole projects to great adventures out of his own pocket, and relentless jigga baiting.shouts to gervias for getting in the clip, too.

nice lil trip back the 90’s with this one, check fif’s comments at the end.

“they in rainbow club”

like michael jackson, i’m feeling this kid..

Recognized as a leader in Central California’s hip hop scene, steering a vibrant pack of young artists with his innovative style and originality in his music, Fashawn is more than ready to take on the world with his debut album “Boy Meets World”. Produced entirely by Los Angeles native Exile, “’Boy Meets World’ is just a story about a kid growing up,” explains Fashawn. “It’s my story, it’s very honest, it’s very in depth. So whatever you thought you knew about me, listen to this and you’ll really get a good look at who I am. It’s going to be classic.”

an oldie.

some footage from the lab.

dope “on the spot” freestyle, with some actual freestyling.

a little promo for “boy meets world”

D-Nice True Hip-Hop Stories goes non Ageing-Rapper, and ‘Real Talk’…

This guy needs a meal not a deal. But this is some ‘real talk’…

HBO – Prom Night in Mississippi

In another short season of inspirational and enlightening HBO documentaries which have just kicked off recently in the US, July 20th sees a doc that has been described in the tag-line as ‘an eye-opening reminder that racism is alive and well in America’

It seems that the concept for the documantary was created by Oscar Winner Morgan Freeman. In an attempt to break down the racial stereotypes, and to combine annual proms for black and white kids, he agreed to foot the bill for an integrated school senior prom, of which hadnt been seen at this particular school before, this, his hometown high school

If you know your HBO, you’ll know that the long line of award-winning docs are not to be missed. Watch Pimp Snooky in Pimps up Hoes Down, or the blinkered insouciance of Mid-90s American youth in Gang Wars: Bangin in Little Rock for evidence. When the Levees Broke and the real talk of gang-life in Bastards of the Party, the history of black gangs in LA, are also good places to start in the history of HBO quality control. Keeps your eyes on the peer2peer prize sometime next week as im sure ‘Prom Night in M-I crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter crooked letter, I, Hump yo’ back, hump yo’ back I’, will appear on the internets soon after

Prom Night

Gang War: Bangin in Little Rock [1994] – Full Version

Gang War: Bangin in Little Rock [1994] – Kool Aid bonus:

Bastards of the Party – Full Version [Produced by Training Day director Antoine Fuqua]

Pimpin Snooky

HBO Summer Docs


while prodigy’s away, the alchemist will play..new lp with oh no.dope.i’m liking the 80’s cheap video/riot type vibe type shit.

an appetiser

main course, check alan sporting mike muir’s suicidal look..


scrap metal from philli.

damn, they hungry.

to me though, their star is monsta man.dude spitting…unsigned.

hallway style.

he’s got whole songs in head, not just hot 16’s.

a little behind the scenes, including my man spitting the first rhyme he ever wrote.aged 10.

i wanna hear real records from this guy.case closed.

when it drops….

they the west !

DJ Quik & Kurupt – 9xs outta 10 audio from 9 Elements

this shit is swineflu

quik & kurupt