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Rocksteady Crew doc from 1981/ 1982 ?

As well as droppin Hip-Hop gems from 2012 on ye, we are also known for that throwback ish, so here’s another little jewel from the same guy that dropped the Disco Fever footage a while back

I recognised a few moments from this footage but its not something Ive seen the whole way through before. Its another simple TV documentary charting the rise of the Rock Steady Crew back around 81 or 82. Its simple in its presentation, utilising radio broadcasts from KTU92 and park jams as the soundtrack [mainly cos they are whats bein played on boxes and in photographic studios].

As well as some insightful inteviews with members of RSC, the moving picture documentation of New York City back then is the true highlight, seeing NY in the rain and the snow still appeals. Keep an eye out for the shearling sheepskins, the polo-necks, bobble hats, fat laces and the kicks. Even the Bronx River Parkway looks good.

Peep homeboys VIMEO for more public service announcements regarding the perils of graffiti, a decent rip of BOMBIN, footage of dance competitions from The Roxy and a bunch of throwbacks you mighta missed…