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“drug dealers don’t kill themselves!”

Heath Franklin does a mean Mark “chopper” Read.

The real Chopper praised Franklin’s comedic impression of him in a televised interview.

The real Chopper is sick, so from all here at hotasballs, “harden the fuck up!”

“no cash here, here no cash”

just for refreshment.of the memory.

aww, the real chopper does his bit for law and order. it’s a crazy-fucking world we live in – thank fuck!

Thirstin Howl the 3rd aged 16

I wonder if Thirstin ever rocked a Polo bum-bag too ?

Dirt Nasty- True Hollywood Story

So yep, this is a second time around for dirt nasty here at hotasballs, but listening to this track really makes me want to fight his corner.

This for me is the stand out track in what is essentially a comedy album simply because it is so honest. As a lover of introspective, storytelling in rap it’s interesting to hear a track about struggling in Hollywood as an out of work actor. (Dirt’s real name is Simon Rex, a former MTV VJ turned actor who’s biggest role was in the Scary Movie franchise). It’s not a world that many of us have first hand experience in and as most rappers tend to lie about how succesful they are, True Hollywood Stories is a refreshing antidote.

In the track, Dirt mentions how he used to wake up with hotties and now he wakes up with zombies. Guess this a reference to him being a former beau of sex machine hotel heiress Paris Hilton, as this picture documents.


But the jury’s out as to which category the duck faced skeleton falls under.

Peep the track
, buy the album and allow some originality in your life.


Bonus beats; Cracker Ass Fantastic:

Words of wisdom from Suga Free

The interviewer is a bit of a duck, but Dajuan is happy to chat about pimpin in Pomona, workin with Michael McDonald and listenin to Journey !?

Suga Free – Married To My Cadillac [Audio] off the latest alblum, Smell my Finger

Mel Brooks wont be happy….

Whatever happened to ‘real bad boys move in silence’ eh?

This is all gettin a wee bit playground if ya aks us !

Kels is makin a name for himself as the black Gary Glitter, my man !

Remember kids, uncle fiddlin’ is wrong !

Oh, nobody mention Steph Lova ….

Fuck Punk Snitch Bitch Flex speaks out on Kels

Fat Faizon Love goes hard on Flex [So homo]

“the lines, the gaps..”

sometimes we yearn for the life..

New Jack City was a long time ago, but Chris Rock continues to keep it 100 !

‘Are you callin me a nigger?’

Full Beeb clip

Actors Studio

Actors Studio #2

First clip from his first TV show

Takin no shorts at the Oscars

Snappin with Bill Maher

Introducing Barry Obama at the Apollo

‘I love Rap music’

Press junket in SA

ATL stand-up

His play-out track on his recent UK tour

OG track

“That’s real..”

Since New Orleans in the news

Crazy as fuck

Some insight, and a whole lotta guns