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araabMETALMUZIK Vol. 1

Like whoa!?!keep fronting on this dude at your peril..

A Night in New York: Live Improv Session with:

araabMUZIK (Dipset) – Drums/MPC
Inhaler (Syphilitic Lust) – Bass
Teeth (Villains) – Guitar

this shit is deep.

what happened?

i ask myself everyday..

ah, new york, new york..

where attitude’s are fucked up.and real shitty.

dms’s bulldoze..street level hard-core, at it’s best.



my namesake..

and possible contender for the boys name, are a hardcore band from seattle.

madball might be a little mad at them for the influence/biting, but they’re all old now, so i doubt a beatdown.

my world…fuck you.bitch.

hard to the cizzore..

Spinal Tap return to radio…

BBC Radio 2  joins the three band members of Spinal Tap in the studio for a catch-up and to hear tracks from their new album, Back from the Dead.

Listen in on Saturday evenin or catch it later on I-Player


The realisation of a man-fan bastard-child of Sam Kinison and Chris Farley shouldnt be entering my mind at any stage in life, but somehow it is…

“These guys are gods, Im gonna frikkin faint !”