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araabMETALMUZIK Vol. 1

Like whoa!?!keep fronting on this dude at your peril..

A Night in New York: Live Improv Session with:

araabMUZIK (Dipset) – Drums/MPC
Inhaler (Syphilitic Lust) – Bass
Teeth (Villains) – Guitar

this shit is deep.

what happened?

i ask myself everyday..

ah, new york, new york..

where attitude’s are fucked up.and real shitty.

dms’s bulldoze..street level hard-core, at it’s best.



my namesake..

and possible contender for the boys name, are a hardcore band from seattle.

madball might be a little mad at them for the influence/biting, but they’re all old now, so i doubt a beatdown.

my world…fuck you.bitch.

hard to the cizzore..

Spinal Tap return to radio…

BBC Radio 2  joins the three band members of Spinal Tap in the studio for a catch-up and to hear tracks from their new album, Back from the Dead.

Listen in on Saturday evenin or catch it later on I-Player


The realisation of a man-fan bastard-child of Sam Kinison and Chris Farley shouldnt be entering my mind at any stage in life, but somehow it is…

“These guys are gods, Im gonna frikkin faint !”

Steel Panther – The greatest band youve never heard

Will any former Hip-Hop artists be able to ridicule themselves and their culture like these long-hairs – Ledge status if they [doggy] do…

The 411

Latest greatest