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Henry Rollins gets wound up easily…

Sometime ago, Rollins was a major dude, now he’s a bit of a cum-rag

the real spinal tap.really.

The first metal band to include sword & sorcery imagery in both their lyrics and
on their album covers,The only band ever to record with Orson Welles.Among the first metal bands to record with an orchestra.The first band to design and build their own speaker cabinets and now their
own guitars as well.The loudest band in the world (a record they have broken on three separate occasions)


you kicked my dog!

everyone, including us is hyped for the new metallica alblum, produced by djRR himself, ricky rubin, the real beach boy.

live audio/visual of a fan’s eye perspective on some of the new music being premiered here.hmmm..


iv’e always rooted for the underdog..

megadeth’s holy wars video.real thrash metal.scrappy.bullet belts an shit, shirts off, no homo.

last mistake”..

Droppin’ many suckers..

Ahh, “Memories play back like film, 1994, me and you were living most real..”

Madball, part of New York’s DMS crew, came out of the shadow of hardcore legends Agnostic Front, with singer Roger Miret handing the mic to his little brother at shows, he was twelve

Soon the band, which had started off as a fun thing/sideproject, eclipsed A.F. as titans of the N.Y.H.C. movement



In South America, and in Spanish..check out the crowd, mentalness

2005 – Slight Hip-Hop groove coming in.. Freddy, Madball’s vocalist is also an m.c.

In the lab


The funkiest human, ever.

Just take a moment

“Only escape… Your fucking grave..”

Merauder were the unsung heroes of Nineties hardcore/metal

Hailing from Brooklyn, they mixed aggression with aggression and the obvious catchy bits to great effect

They are still doing it

Check theyr’e myspace page for new and actually good music

Meanwhile, call Frank Stallone..

Take it back..


A hench live version with all the beautiful things about hardcore: crowd singing for the band, a real gnarly mosh-pit and over-thirties men with they top’s off

“NO apple for you, come back one year !”

We have no words