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DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Show Video Footage – WKCR 89.9

NIKE WORLD BASKETBALL FESTIVAL [RUCKER] 2010 AKA The cage takes no prisoners

Biggest shouts to Bobb for keepin it kept

How Ya Like Moe Dee Now?

Kool Moe Dee poses the question, How Ya Like Me Now in the voiceover Rap for this god awful Footlocker ad for British Knights from 87/ 88. We remember this in the UK from good old Westwood dropping this on Capital Radio in London

Sadly, Moe Dee sounds like a chump

The answer is sho nuff Mohandas, we respect your work alot, Monster Crack bein one of the finest references to the wonderfully moreish drug

The way it be, HotasBalls preferred ye in that wacky suit when you tore Run from Run DMC a knew arsehole on Graffiti Rock

Full Graffiti Rock pilot below,  get the family round for this doozy

Graffiti Rock: Pilot AVI

Graffiti Rock: Kool Moe Dee & Special K vs Run DMC battle MP3

Graffiti Rock: Full Audio MP3

Graffiti Rock was the ill TV show that ran for one pilot episode in June 1984

It was an all breakin, all lycra, all scratched up with a cornball jerky-boy presenter classic hip-hop tv champagne moment

If you dont already know, watch out For Debbie Mazar [Madonnas mucker and total ‘on the rag 24-7’ bitch in Entourage] and Vincent ‘Best Rap name ever if ya name is Vincent’ Gallo and youre a big Hollywood hot-shot

Vince is a dick and Debbie is only 19 and she looks kinda broken but you would’ve, and you would still; look her up jock-riders

From Dream Team to Redeem Team?

From Barcelona to Beijing, the US Olympic Basketball Team work the press in prep of this years Olympic Games

A tribute to Michael Rapaport

Don’t worry he isn’t dead, it just kinda feels like he is.
Michael Rapaport is one of this generations unsung talents. A great actor who isn’t afraid to send himself up. And at hotasballs we like that kind of mentality. In a field of self righteous demigods that is modern Hollywood, Rapaport stands out as a man that knows the ‘ledge.

Sure he could faggot-ass around chasing starlet tail, he could make some self-important, feel good summer blockbuster, but we get the impression that he’d rather have fun, watch a Knicks game and drink a beer.

Oh, and homeboy raps too.

Check these vids out to see what we mean.
Michael Rapaport, HOTASBALLS salutes you.

We can only assume that Glen Frey wouldn’t clear a sample, therefore Blackstreet were sent in to massacre his original.

Check the stylish miners hat…

Real life raps

and again…