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Back to burn your scalp…

Just to see Paul Mooney in an afro is enough of a teaser to get us fiending for the new Chris Rock full lengther [Lets pray it’s better than Head of State]

The film looks at the culture of black hair, the salons, the competitions, the community, the relaxer [the danger] and offers a general insight into the world of the weave et al…

err, no.

me thinks she is trying to hard.

she must need the money.sheeeet.

HBO Documentary Films: Prom Night In Mississippi

As previously discussed here on HOTASBALLS, this thought provoking show is on US telly tonight.

Plenty of hot ghetto mess action were certain, but this does look interestin…

D-Nice True Hip-Hop Stories goes non Ageing-Rapper, and ‘Real Talk’…

This guy needs a meal not a deal. But this is some ‘real talk’…

Something for the weekend ?

London clubbing action this weekend, Khalil will be playing anything by Dilla, Kish the Mish will be playing Mobb bangers, Johnny Dett will be playing any Big L that’s handy and the Work It ladies will of course be looking as resplendent as ever and reminding you that you dont know any of the girls names at the end of She’s Got that Vibe.

For more details…. meet at the Texaco garage near the roundabout just passed the North Circular, not really

Remember to erm, Dress to Impress ?!

the great white hope.

dope doc on dope.

‘Fuck that artsy bullshit’ – Meth speaks the truth…

Meth tells how it is, the somewhat ignant fuck – but we still be lovin how he and Red are dancin like a pair of teenager twats in this clip for their next Def Jam release. And, they are possibly the worst and yet possibly the most comically dressed adults we’ve never had the pleasure of meetin’… You wanna get a few more free clothes from labels on the hustle in the hood there boys ? Jokers….. Reds lyrics at times are truly simplistic and to hear Saukrates singin is a bit shit tbh, he did have rhyme skills at one point….

It’s already a ringtone classic, but let’s face it, it’s Hip-Pop brainworm right?

Whatever, we love it…

Shouts to 2DOPEBOYZ for the track

Interviewer: You play guitar?

Meth: Yeh, I play Guitar Hero

Hotasballs:  Numpty !

On set:

On smash:Vodpod videos no longer available.

Saukrates bonus – Father Time

young jeezy; my president’s black

it’s encouraging when we see the hip hop community actually paying attention to world politics and taking note on a candidates policies and key issues.

Sadly this is not one of those occasions.