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Jeff Ross & Snoop gettin high talkin trash…

Snoop continues to sit in a warehouse, creating captivating TV ‘from a disclosed location’. In this episode, we witness one of the funniest men alive, Jeff ‘One ugly Mother-Fucker’ Ross show up, be funny and go pale.

There are endless one-liners, top questions/ cusses and interestingly, some touching insights, but hearin Snoop fall about in fits of laughter is a major highlight.


Snoop stand-up at the Donald Trump Roast.

Rappers are in anger…

…but not all the time.

Any Rapper with a sense of humour gets our vote

E-Feezy interview

Ooh wee, its two thow-wow twelve, and here’s super OG E-40 in discussion with Nerd-man Nardwuar. The kang o’slang talks tampons, Too Short & Freddy B, the origins of IZZLE and MC Hammer. He also talks ‘crevice’.

Check the others for important answers to important questions like ‘DJ Premier, how many times have you sampled James Brown’ and ‘What do you have for breakfast 2Chainz’ ?


one of the standout cuts on “habits & contradictions, and allegedly a kid cudi sample/rework, young Q & asap’s Rocky, go bar for bar about all of lifes possibilities. well, the ones that involve “weed+brew”.

Rocky breaks down the collaboration..

Larry Blackmon in conversation…

Larry Blackmon talks to DJ Red Alerts old mate Jeff Foxx about amongst other things, hearing his 1st hit played by Frankie Crocker on the WORLD PREMIERE  slot

“getting pissed at the radio”

we’ve been away, now we’re back at it….thanks for sticking around..been waiting for a little inspiration, which this definately is.

Chris Rock on Letterman the other night…

Chris Rock is virtually doing stand-up here, except he’s sitting down.  He’s just in conversation with [his close mate] Dave Letterman, and it may be pre-scripted, but he flows, and he’s naturally very very funny. His routines have been so sharp over the past few years, and aint nothin slowing  down, thank feck…

In case you missed it…

Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters – Episode 7

‘Have you seen Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers’