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Sing it shitface, the source uncovered

Special thanks to Mister in Tokyo for unearthing this for me.

This is one of many versions of Japanese folk song futaatsu, one version of which was sampled by Edan on Sing it shitface.

We go international on our beat digging cos we’re dope like that.

Edan’s new album echo party is out now from Lewis recordings, check it out to see how far he’s come since this.

Be warned that the vinyl is strictly limited to 1000 copies and each has slightly differing artwork all hand done by the boy Portnoy.

Muro – [New] Tribe Vibes Mix CD

Thanks to the good folk at kevinnottingham.com, the-breaks.com and spots like hiphopisread.blogspot.com, uncovering the breaks that Hip-Hop beatminers have pinched from over the years has been a reasonably easy job of late. That’s if yer after stuff that HASNT been sampled by Madlib.

Compilation alblums of old breaks and sample sources come around like government scandals, and as an alleged King of Digging, Japans’ own Muro drops a bunch of Tribe Called Quest cuts, tracks and original breaks for the masses and mainscream on this double alblum.

The discs have been appropriately titled the ‘Movement’ and the ‘Love’ side, with the breaks featured on the ‘Love’ side. The true doozies are the treats for the folk that still dig. The 2nd disc is where the real talk is discussed, although there are a few killers on the 1st one. Some of the breaks are well known , some aint, but the format of how they’ve been blended together ensures that Muro continues as a major influence to the many across the globe that still buy bits of plastic to listen to on record players.

As far as we know, it’s out to buy from other sources from around the way, but we dont know em. In the UK it’s available from Juno, as is the tracklisting, get diggin’. You can listen to preview clips on Juno or you can rip the whole nine for nathan here.

Ultimate Breaks and Beats blends…

Bite-size chunks of the UBB series, for those with short-term attention spans

Some Japanese chap has taken 6 of the alblums and abbreviated them to 6 minute slabs, tasty…

Osamu Tezuka show at the Barbican

From Thursday 18th September until Wednesday 24th, the Barbican will showcase a retrospective of the “God of Manga”; Osama Tezuka. This is to coincide with 80th anniversary of the birth of the creator of the iconic astro boy, and will feature work dating from 1964 right up until 2005.

Tezuka san is considered a defining influence on Japanese popular culture, creating hundreds of characters, comics and cartoons ranging from the family friendly ‘Jungle Emperor Leo’ to the titillating ‘Cleopatra; Queen of Sex’ (Boi-oing).

All features include English subtitles, so don’t worry if you’re not too proficient in nihon.

Tickets available here

Get familiar with Tucker

nuff said…….

An insane Sony Walkman ad for Japanese TV:

Being labelled a ‘toy’ dj ain’t necessarily a bad thing in Japan:

The CD’s and Serato are on vacation, fuck ’em, this is the real dirt:

Tom Morello made his Fenders sound like he was scratchin up the fonk wayback in 1992, some DJ’s these days just use live guitars and scratch em up…..: