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Stu Bangas Brutal Beats Vol 1

this first beat is firey hot shit, like you just ate vindaloo in the loo, knomesayn?

Too true sheila..

for all those that attended last week, and for all those that didn’t…wiz performs possibly the best song on his major label l.p. in the ‘dam

smoke one for me..

He’s a human beat box and an entertainer…

araabMETALMUZIK Vol. 1

Like whoa!?!keep fronting on this dude at your peril..

A Night in New York: Live Improv Session with:

araabMUZIK (Dipset) – Drums/MPC
Inhaler (Syphilitic Lust) – Bass
Teeth (Villains) – Guitar

How about some actual hardcore?

Sean Price & Cold World-

How The Gods Chill.

shouts to frank 151.mystery meat.

Sean Price to me, has always embodied that lyrical heavy metal, the attitude,especially nowadays..so, maybe it seemed logical to pair him with a “rock” group (have you noticed no rapper seems to know there are different kinds of rock music) , in this case, penn state hardcore band ColdWorld. named possibly after a Gza song, and a band that used have a d.j, ala Mordred..they seem suited.#HYPED.can you hear the mountain samples in track?>

“i don’t see no fucking hope”

WILDSTYLE TOUR of JAPAN 1983 [Fab 5 Freddy, Afrika Islam, Busy Bee, Charlie Ahearn, Rock Steady]

Live Session feat Fab 5 Freddy and Afrika Islam from one of the parties during the month long tour of Japan in the autumn of 1983

Anybody actually remember this tour hittin Japan, im old, but im not that old, thats why wee documentary clips like his are great

I dont think I’ve heard Freddy so tidy on the mic since…

Tasty mini-doc about the tour

These were the probably the earliest documented moments in the cultural crossover for worldwide Hip-Hop, the industry as we know it wasnt even a twinkle in Kool Lady Blues eyes at this point…

Cheer up Baby Love, it could be worse, you could have joined the Floormasters/ Nice beaver hat/ Busy Bee is still lookin for that other knee-pad/ KK Rockwell lookin sharp [pause]

OG Jap Wildstyle poster

Look how happy the Cold Crush are, Charlie Chase has some grin on him. Freddy cant believe he’s on a subway platform in Tokyo and I cant believe he pulled off that Argyle and Members Only type jacket combo so well…

All pics courtesy of Charlie Ahearn, get the book here

Continental Strength SHAME AKA ‘A drunk british girl “dances” with a guy at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival’

Yes fellow Brits, as the title of the clip suggests, this is how they see OUR version of the HOT GHETTO MESS, as over-weight teenage creatures, attempting to ‘dagger’, filled to the brim with cheap grog and dancehall and ineffectual in the impediment of a little continental strength street dancing with some dazzling young urbanites

It’s the YOUTUBE comments that add to the joy with this new viral, bare/ bare jokes, get involved with your views on this simulated ‘prison rape’. Apparently in the time it has taken me to watch and type this, I’ve discovered that the lady has been outed by Youtube commentors, and you can pull her card on her Facebook page too, should you wish. Is this officially the age of the worldwidemob and digital lynching. She’ll either end up with ‘her story’ on the box later in the year, or throwin herself in front of a bendy-bus before the weeks out

Shouts to Jon Snows mate Ollie O over at BNTL for blessing us

Katt Williams Pimp Chronicles rehearsals AKA Get your paper boo-boo

A few bullet points about this footage

  • It’s RAW like Black Rock n Ron
  • It looks like a typical pre big show tester in a smaller local venue, rehearsing and testin segments for the Pimp Chronicles concert in Atlanta in 2006 which went on to be a DVD release for HBO
  • Be prepared for people walking in front of the camera on the reg
  • Steady-cam? More like unsettling camera work that was being shot by someone using a keep-fit waist massager
  • It has all the atmosphere of a Redd Foxx or LaWanda Page show, at times sounding like a LAFF RECORDS release from early 70s !
  • The timing, as well as the calculated and perceptive observations about everything he discusses, make for some of the sharpest comedic deliveries
  • The editing on this is frustratingly safe, the Michael Jackson section has blatantly been chopped out, listen to the actual show for full unexpurgated disclosure