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Larry Blackmon in conversation…

Larry Blackmon talks to DJ Red Alerts old mate Jeff Foxx about amongst other things, hearing his 1st hit played by Frankie Crocker on the WORLD PREMIERE  slot

Heavy D – His final Interview…

Broadcasting pioneer Tim Westwood may be hosting a drive-time show on the BBC, but in between the Estelles, the Tinchys, the Professor Greens and the Drakes of this world, he still finds time to interview some of Hip-Hops erm, biggest hitters…

The Overweighter passed through the1 Xtra studios recently to discuss the Jamaican roots of Hip-Hop, acting as chaperone to high-school attendee Pete Rock while he performed on Marleys In Control show, the size of Petes feet, and the true story of how Troy Dixon passed, amongst other topical issues…

EDIT: This was posted just a few hours before learning of the news…

Evidence – You

just doin’ my bit for real rap music. so many gems dropped, and it gets deeper with every listen. i think i’m only really checking for about ten dudes in 2011, Evidence is one of them..and real nice to hear someone cutting havoc’s verse from shook one’s, not p’s…guwan mickey!


We bow to thee..


he’s giving away sooo many beats. he’s not just chasing samples already used. big respect is automatic, and i will keep passing on this info for all my beat people out there.”sample anything you want”..this dude is legend.

i’m gonna bring you this series from the start

“to burn my kush you must use fire”

nice lil nod to run dmc there..he has indeed fucked around and gone back to classic snoop, copped a serious beat and got a niiice co-sign from jibril himself.

smoke suttin’, it’s a beautiful day out there..

No Doc, no diagnosis..!!NEW 50 CENTS!!

shit, man, 50 is back..at his murderous best on these new freestyles he’s putting out..so, post-modern, that he’s promoting headphones with songs about murder…this is how it is now?

As Westwood used to say “let’s take it from the break to the beat…”

and have something really BOOM>

how come no-one ever got at sting for the fake jamaican accent on “walkin’ on di moon”?cos the po-lice(even more frustration for the black man) were dope.wiggers with attitude, and a dope drummer, in stuart copeland. no relation to devin..seems they inspired someone, though..



new bishop lamont, feat sonreal…shameless catering to the college crowds.good to hear any new nathaniel though.