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Boogie Down Productions – Live at the Town & Country Club, London July 13th 1989

As well as puttin you lot up on the latest greatest in Rap singers and the usual nonsense, more and more of you are contacting us requestin the rarities from the HOTASBALLS Rap radio archives, for the few that say please, i’ve culled this wee number.

It’s 4 live cuts broadcast the night after the show above by Tim Westwood on the Capital Rap Show on Capital Radio.


Still Number One
Criminal Minded
My Philosophy
P is Free [Reggae Version Excursion]

The show was at the Town and Country Club, as opposed to whatever corporate branded trench-foot ridden hole its known as today. The T&C Club was THE venue of choice during the late Eighties for Hip-Hop [and even Go-Go] outfits playing to a larger crowd than the usual pokey sweat-soaked low-ceiling spots in London town [The Trouble Funk show that was featured on the Say What! alblum on Island back in 86 is a perfect example of the raw excitement that ensued under the T&C roof].

This show, was THE best Rap performance I have ever witnessed in the flesh, without question, and i’ve seen a few in my time let me tell ye. It wasnt because I was bouncing up and down like some lanky lunatic, rhymin along with almost every other lyric with my mates, or spiritedly throwing bows down the front, but simply because KRS had already honed his skills and created a persona for himself as the number one performance Rapper at the time, and let’s face it, not many have come close to perfecting his presence or delivery on-stage since. The clarity of virtually every rhyme was as clear as crystal that night, his phonetics were unfuckwitable, that may sound standard, but think of how many shows youve been to and that hasnt been the case.

As outta-towners attending gigs in London, the inevitable radio shows that came with travelling to the mainland from Ireland were as important to document as anything else we were at. By any means we’d record the Westwood shows, or Max n Dave or Dave Pearce or even Delroy Briscoe on Sky Community Radio, whoever was playing Rap at that moment in London, I wanted to be able to hear it at home, back in sunny Belfast. One of my best mates Andy even bought a portable radio/ tape deck in NY on one trip, just to catalog the Stretch & Bobb late night sessions on WKCR. We’d get off on the trips to 4 Star General, hangin out with and after a while, snappin on George, in his Gucci loafers and shitty nylon grey socks, we”d stock up on vinyl at Groove and head to all the Hip-Hop spots of choice at the time but the radio shows were imperishable and evidently lasting, so we’d do anything to tape em.

This show was broadcast on the Friday night, the evening after the gig, that’s a pretty impressive turnaround even by todays standards. Me and my muckers were ecstatic as we tuned to 95.8, nodding our heads to the show that we were all at just the night before, but the element that has made it an even longer lasting memory was listening to it on a roof-top across the bloody road from the venue, in North London, with it’s high Irish population. Shouts to Robin and Robins brother who let us hang out on the roof hurling abuse, amongst other things, at passers-by below til the wee hours.

The same live session from the Thursday night was also used for three cuts on the LIVE HARDCORE WORLDWIDE alblum, none of the tracks I have upped today were on that release so this is probably the first time these wee numbers has surfaced from this gig.

If you want more of this kind of thing, leave comments and you never know what might appear next, by just ripping the shit and runnin, youll never know what else could be round the corner. Enjoy.

Many Happy Returns to SIR STYLES from HOTASBALLS

Many Happy Returns go out to SIR STYLES from HOTASBALLS, as today is his born-day…

HOTASBALLS arent known for their baking prowess, but if we were, this little number is how we’d celebrate at hotasballs, maybe…

This shot is from the Maripol book of Polaroids, the cake was made for Grandmixer DST, a long long time ago…

Happy Birthday old boy…

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Just Blaze vs The Alchemist – The LONDON Sound-Clash [extra date added]

If youve already sorted yer entry to the first session on Thurs 6th May, you have the right to feel slightly smug

If you aint already sorted it, you have a life-line, get involved people, this will be a roadblock


Nepotism is a terrible thing to waste…

white boy day pt 4080

roth off the top.in a london hotel room…i think he’s getting better.

the album was so-so, but he definately has the raw talent to make better records.

do it, son.and if you need some better beats, holla at your frog.

“Friday night, spend money on a”………

Actually, youd have to spend money on very little this Friday night if gratis hooch, good craic, weekend sunshine in the city and throwback Rap is your bag, but you can keep the themes of the old school ringin round yer ears, if you wish…

Two London sessions tomorrow night, one from the awfully generous folk at Crooked Tongues and sister site Spine Magazine at Slam City Skates in Covent Garden and the second in the East Ends Brick Lane from FatLace familia Danny-Boy Greenpeace and the Love Spreader himself, OG Spread Love crew DJ James ‘LBNS’ Lebens….

Grab a free vinyl blend mix from the Take It Back boys here. The mix is a doozy but aint up for long. Its a straight up and down 45 min blend with quality tracks from the deepest crates, feat Doug E Fresh, Jazzy Jay, BDK, Low Profile, Lyte, Finesse, Nice & Smooth, Masters of Ceremony, Phase N’ Rhythm, Stet and more… All vinyl, all goodness

Something for the weekend ?

London clubbing action this weekend, Khalil will be playing anything by Dilla, Kish the Mish will be playing Mobb bangers, Johnny Dett will be playing any Big L that’s handy and the Work It ladies will of course be looking as resplendent as ever and reminding you that you dont know any of the girls names at the end of She’s Got that Vibe.

For more details…. meet at the Texaco garage near the roundabout just passed the North Circular, not really

Remember to erm, Dress to Impress ?!