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Dizzie Rascal is so eloquent

Mr Rascal comments on the Presidency and how it’s only a matter of time before he runs for Prime Minister himself

God help us, still….

Run DMC – London interview circa March ’85

Old Grey Whistle Test clip broadcast in March 1985 featuring RUN, DMC and JMJ being interviewed by ‘restraining order ignoring’ Andy Kershaw underneath the Westway in Ladbroke Grove, London

Peep the jackets, for a label they werent on !! Dang…

“the lines, the gaps..”

sometimes we yearn for the life..

Notting Trill Carnival



“These punks are business punks”

You need rules in life

For these guys, its no heroin, and no glue, upstairs

Osamu Tezuka show at the Barbican

From Thursday 18th September until Wednesday 24th, the Barbican will showcase a retrospective of the “God of Manga”; Osama Tezuka. This is to coincide with 80th anniversary of the birth of the creator of the iconic astro boy, and will feature work dating from 1964 right up until 2005.

Tezuka san is considered a defining influence on Japanese popular culture, creating hundreds of characters, comics and cartoons ranging from the family friendly ‘Jungle Emperor Leo’ to the titillating ‘Cleopatra; Queen of Sex’ (Boi-oing).

All features include English subtitles, so don’t worry if you’re not too proficient in nihon.

Tickets available here

Large Professor touches down in London

In the UK to promo the new album, Mr Main Source is headlinin alongside the Doctor of Spin [above], erm, J Sands and Mr All City himself, Dan Greenpeace

Get ya ticket game on here [they’re only a feckin fiver !] and listen to Extra P’s latest below [we don’t use ‘after the jump’, it’s stupid, and yer bored of readin it already, we know you are]

Flavor Flav can’t hold his drank

‘Can i tell you a secret, dont have a heart attack’

Some behind the scenes schtick from the Def Jam/ PE London Invasion Tour, 1987