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Doo Wop ‎– Gangsta’s Paradise Mixtape

Doo Wop ‎– Gangsta’s Paradise Vol One [Part Two/ Gangster Classics – 320]


This is simply a greatest hits for the gangsters, please exercise some affinity with your community, and play this at a sociable level, in your drop-top Nissan.

Ricky Powell Mixtape AKA The Chunky Uncle’s Bohemian Mixtape for Eccentric Lovemaking…

This is required listening for those tender, gentle, fantastic romantic moments, when you need to get erm, ‘buck nutty’ with that special friend of yours. The Rickster accompanies DJ Smoke L.E.S. adding his trademark and joyously ’round the way’ ramblings…

London Posse Live in Dublin [1986] & more Deejay Mek treats…

Irelands 5 times DJ Championship winner Deejay Mek needs no intro to those that knows, he’s a monster behind the decks and relentless in his ability to nod heads on the regular. As well as being one of the finest scratch DJs still doin it live, he has 2 brand new mixes available to download, and as you can see, has the vintage Hip-Hop video collection on lock

As a close associate of the London Posse, Mek has the footage to make any UK Hip-Hop fanatic loose the plot/ their Burlington socks. The video above is a 5 minute clip of a lascivious Bionic [Jeff] and Sipho from London Posse on an old Dublin based magazine show called Megamix

As well as a brief interview with the presenter where they discuss the difference between Jamaican and American rap-singin , they drop a few tasty rhymes, Sipho rocks the Dallas theme a la ‘My Beatbox Reggae Style’ and the keener ones amongst you will notice that stand-up comedian Sean Hughes makes an appearance towards the end…

Deejay Mek – Hip-Hop Mix –  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LFO0HX4R

Deejay Mek – Funk & Boogie Mix – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=12O5VD9K

Tracklisting for the mixes over at Meks Mixcloud page, and more info on London Posse here


Still bangin the Yelawolf Friday mixtape from earlier in the Summer, and still enthused by Hip-Hop gigs in London after all this time, thankyou Mr Yeller, you do indeed bang hard, pause


Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP [Reduced by HOTASBALLS] AKA Dunnthing for the Weekend

Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP – [Reduced by HOTASBALLS]

Prodigy from Mobb Deeps’ first piece of branded promo came in the shape of an EP via the good people at Complex Magazine a few weeks back. This Reduced version-excursion of the highly anticipated release was created by ourselves out of sheer impatience, an unwilling to sift through songs, no other reason, dont get it twisted. We got nothin but love for Mobb shit, that why we made this, and the fact that the P is free once again after three years locked away, is good news for anyone that understands and appreciates ‘Top of the Line’ reality Rap.

Over the years, there have been shed-loads of full-length alblums that have utilised dialogue from movies, skits, sound-bites et cetera, but the only way the listener can truly enjoy the experience is NOT having to fassy around with fast-forward keys, click wheels and the like. Unfortunately, the segue material on this is a little ancillary for our tastes. We aint professin to be some big-time internets nor are we too big or too proud to hit rewind, but sometimes we just wanna hear things as they should be heard, one track after another, without too much interruption. Too much to ask? The aural impediments if you didnt know, are from the 97 movie, Hoodlum.

Musically the EP has some great moments on it, and lyrically, P is on fire at times too, on the whole, it’s an interesting return to form but lets face it, listening to this EP is a wind-up. Were not here to review the content of the EP, mainly cos its a feckin mixtape, an undersized mixtape for an artist that is evidently holding the finest Sid Roams and Alchemist productions back until the finished product drops.

We respected the sequence, but in addition to the tracks and our updated transitions, we decided, for ease of access, to drop the majority of the Larry Fishburne dialogue and just lace the tracks one after each other [with sprinkles of a few specially and specifically chosen sound-bites and sample sources of our own]. This is the result. To P, to Alan, Benny, Joey & Bravo, big respect is automatic…

Bonus Proclamations

Phillip Mlynar – Top 10 Prodigy Prison Rants

Gary Warnett – My Infamous Overflow

Hip-Hop Isnt Dead – Gut Reactions

DJ Mek – Rakim: The Microphone Fiend [Special Mix]

A month from today, the Lord Kid Wizard Rakim is due to perform in Dublin for the first, and more than likely, the last time. To celebrate, here’s another fine set from Dublins finest DJ Mek.

Move the Crowd
My Melody
Microphone Fiend
It’s a Must
Strong island
It’s been a long time
New York [Ya out there]
Guess who’s Back
When i B on tha Mic
Eric B for President
The R
Paid in Full
Set em Straight
Heat ‘em Up
I Aint No Joke
Casualties of War
I Know You Got Soul
Dont Sweat the Technique
The Punisher
Lyrics of Fury
Pass the Hand Grenade
Follow the Leader

Random Soundcloud mixes…

Just a couple of Soundcloud mixes weve been enjoyin’ recently…

DJ Mek – St Patrick Days Mix [Scary Eire unreleased gems, Undertones, Thin Lizzy, La Coka Nostra, House Of Pain, some proper trad and other ‘Oirish’ related Hip-Hop erm, shenanigans]. Mek is THE DJs DJ of choice when it comes to anything Irish or Hip-Hop, and in this instance, both. He was also the man behind the boards for ScaryÉire

THE Nate Dogg back-cat mix of choice from DJ Steve1der

A heavyweight selection of Todd Terry productions of late 80s house tracks with a Hip-Hop influence, mostly because they were engineered/ executively produced by Grand Wizard Tony D. Tasty mix by some chap by the name of DJ Lerosa, big respect is automatic…

Greg Wilson Live set from a few weeks ago [as ever, quality music and edits from Mr Wilson]

“i’m bout to introduce them two fellas”

weed is bringing all ages and races together..

big up cinematic. for some funny ass shit.