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We gonna do a song, that youve never heard before…

As well as dropping the most recent compilation of a long line of exclusives, Nova Scotias finest is back with more exclusives that you will only have heard before, if like Mr Bombay, you made them yourself.

Jorun displays care and attention and a canny ability to meticulously recreate instrumentals of classic tunes from the bare bones. He’ll take the original sample sources, breaks & bits and layer them til they are convincing enough to sound like they were legit b-sides on the original vinyl, except they werent.

Dont forget to check for his remixes of classics, remastered versions of unreleased tracks and of course, the follow up to the finest mix of 2012 [IMO].

New Steinski material…

Good to see [hear] that collage [cutnpaste] master of records Steve Stein stills finds certain subjects and people infuriating.

If it werent for the Reschlublican nominee for President of the United States, Willard Mitt Romney, he wouldnt be creating little dittys like this…

Alpoko Don


Straight outta Greenville, South Carolina, Alpoko Don [fka Don Dada] has an original style, whether he’s behind bars or not. He’s new to us, and he’s a talent.

He may have got the significance of ‘This is my year’ a little skee-wif but anyone that drops ad-lib laughs on top of binary lunch-room beats gets our vote.

Biggest shouts to the man that plays pool with the planets over @ http://themartorialist.blogspot.co.uk/ Thanks for puttin us on.

Get friendly with Alpoko here


Z-ro, plus the, new, but dope to my ears Chris Ward resurrect Mr Dr Dre.

to a gangsterous effect.

“i could sell cocoa butter to a caucasian”, or of course “shit to an arab”

A$AP Rocky – Goldie

I’m loving this at the minute, and the video is awesome, too.

“so Bout it Bout it, that i might roll up in a tank”

Too $hort “Hog Ridin”

Schoolboy Q – Break to the Beat…

Grooveline is a Lex Lugor produced track off the recently released Habits & Contradictions full lengther. Its by young Black Hippy, Quincy M. Hanley aka Schoolboy Q…

Sans an actual full blooded beat, its a cut with a grown-ass tale to tell, as well as employing the vocal talents of Marlena Shaw from her 1975 alblum Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?

Ive posted cos some people that claim they know Hip-Hop in 2012 think that Rap has to have a beat, and like Michael McDonald, they keep forgettin’ that Hip-Hop producers like Lexus Lugor are more than happy utilising beautiful soul music and progressin’ things along quite nicely thankyou very much.

Push it along, and quit hatin people !

BONUS – 320 vinyl rip of the Blue Note OG

Marlena Shaw – Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?



one of the standout cuts on “habits & contradictions, and allegedly a kid cudi sample/rework, young Q & asap’s Rocky, go bar for bar about all of lifes possibilities. well, the ones that involve “weed+brew”.

Rocky breaks down the collaboration..