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New Steinski material…

Good to see [hear] that collage [cutnpaste] master of records Steve Stein stills finds certain subjects and people infuriating.

If it werent for the Reschlublican nominee for President of the United States, Willard Mitt Romney, he wouldnt be creating little dittys like this…

Bizmarkie and Tim Westwood on N-Sign Radio TV Show – 1988

Too many cringingly horrific moments on this clip to simply post without comment. With the numerous options of handshake within the Hip-Hop community, the miscommunication between two people apropo a straight forward handshake can be awkward if misdirected, Biz and Timothy are no different. Tim informs us of his ‘Urban Street Revenge’ and his erm, ‘king size’ attitude, and yes, the MA1 was the height or sartorial street elegance at the time

The 24 year old Biz in this clip proves why he has become an absolute legend, as he explains the background behind Pickin Boogers [a Rap song about picking your nose, with all its merits and downfalls], and that it was a ‘story from his heart’…and if you were in any doubt about the political situation in the US, you know who to turn to for a rational studious report on the current climate

just so you know,

armaggeddon is still in effect!, step!
it may be twentyten, but the grammy’s stays losing, when it comes to understanding this hip hop shit.can we please go back to the years of the rap boycott?, of course we cannot, there is too much money to get.and get this, they announce the rap awards BEFORE the show is even televised.how far have we really come since live aid?, with run dmc getting cut from the satellites..
if you tuned in to the early versions(cbs) of the show in states, the edit/dump button was getting used like it was on track and field, with whole sections of this great performance being cut as lil wayne was just getting his n!&&@ on.
but check this out, uncensored.

Bladerunner 2: Rapping Replicants, starring Pharrell and T-Pain

Jigga, Kanyeze, Springsteen, Obama and Madonna are freemasons apparently.


Not ususally one to advocate conspiracy theories, I believe that if you want to believe something is true then you’ll probably find some kind of ‘evidence’ to support this.

Nevertheless, some interesting points made here.

the great white hope.

dope doc on dope.

Jay-Z performs at Obama’s inauguration or Get Familiar with 5th Platoon

I stumbled upon this vid whilst searching material on Jay’s DJ Neil Armstrong.

The post read “Neil Armstrong performs……” which is a little misleading as Neil doesn’t appear to be doing a great deal in this vid. I understand that Mr Armstrong personally selected and edited the Obama speeches that feature in this performance, however they are somewhat blighted by the Jigga man instructing us to put our lighters up.

Do yourself a favor and check out Neil Armstrong. He is an amazing mixtape DJ who is not afraid to mix up the genres and does it all seamlessly without letting the cuts overwhelm the mix.

And while you’re at it check out his seriously underrated crew 5th Platoon consisting of Vin Roc, Do Boy, Rholi Ro, Kuttin Kandy, Daddy Dawg and the greatest battle dj of all time ie merg (who is now doing some awesome 80’s synth pop inspired leftfield hip hop productions under the name Throwy).

Do Boy screws Tone Loc back in 98

Rholi Rho back in 97, quite agile foe a big chap

ie merge doing his thing

“we didn’t come here for politics..”

young jeezy; my president’s black

it’s encouraging when we see the hip hop community actually paying attention to world politics and taking note on a candidates policies and key issues.

Sadly this is not one of those occasions.