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Scott Storch AND Hulk Hogan pranked in the same call

“I only date Puerto Rican Mammies…….and sista’s….shit like that”

“Dude, you’re a homo”

Keyboard maestro Scott Storch gives six minutes of his life to entertain a supposedly jealous teenager, and then threatens to tell his big mates who will track him down and fuck him up

Grown folk business indeed

Mack 10 gets pranked


If ‘Paula Kareem Abdula-Jabbara from Shoopy-Doop Hop Hoe Magazine’ calls ye, askin for more than ya wanna share, you know you’ve been got !

Why did Mack 10 need a bloody warning ?!

Is he really that thick?

Is there a Haile Selassi here?

Victor Lewis Smith 1991 prank phone call alblum clip

OG audio

Earles & Jensen – Morris Day has worked up an appetite

From the days of the Tube Bar tapes to Victor Lewis Smith prank calling the White House and the BBC, not forgettin the Jerky Boys killer calls, pranking truly is an art

Peep the new school of game

Check here for the next level