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FTW !! The all-new Hip-Hop PUB QUIZ ..

The clip below of William Perry aka The Refridgerator [or simply the Fridge] goes out to the hardest working man in London Hip-Hop show-biz, the Doctor of Spin. Biggest shouts to Spin-Doctor and the good folk behind the latest concept to grab hold of the attention spans of some seriously ageing b-boys in London, an all new Hip-Hop pub quiz.

Dont feel like bloatin up on beer today, cant decide whether yer having a Rioja or a Rose? Dont forget that dress code addendum !

The concept is standard, loads of question referring to our sub-culture of choice, and some stuff about Rap singers [RnB folk] categorised and flaunting themselves as Hip-Hop, that we had no clue about. There are plenty of sections as you’d expect, sports rounds, Rappers government names, movie rounds, original breaks and a true or false section [yes it’s true, Nas doesnt mind horses that much]. ‘The Cuervo Gold’ was indeed flowing, and that was simply for gaining full points on a round, we declined the Tequila [at approx 4.30pm in the afternoon] the other two times we did that !

There were 17 teams in competition on Saturday and as a two man team [with assistance from Lady HOTASBALLS of course] we didnt do too bad placing 2nd against a team of 5. Well, with two members of HOTASBALLS international commitee in attendance while one polishes his Gundam figures in Tokyo, what did you expect. No amount of nepotism, gang-gestures or bringing original copies of  Rap classics to ‘lean on’ will win this for ye. We say, knowledge reigns supreme and ‘only fruits wear Supreme’ as they say. It’s only a quiz kiddies.

The Thizz Quizz-Master himself, dont see too many lillies and Lost Boys combos these days, or B-Boy stances for that matter…

If you enjoy the good ole fashioned British pub and a Hip-Hop pub quiz sounds like your form of entertainment on a sunny Saturday afternoon in deepest Clerkenwell, Central London, keep yer eyes on the Doctors Orders round this time next month. Hopefully.