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How POLO can you go AKA ‘When you see the horsey its real serious’

Pulling off the sartorial splendor of a true Lo-Life is an art in itself, but below we take a disturbing glimpse into the world of Ralphy peripherals. As ever, Thirstin gets the salute for keepin all things Ralphy really-real.

If your only source of Ralph Lauren with an edge is TK Maxx cheapo-cheapo business from your local spot, and you have some myopic idea that you look like an extra from a Mobb Deep promo, think again, get off yer arse and find some nuts/ identity of yer own/ vintage Nautica. Be aware that there’s a very fine line between lookin like some child fiddling uncle with a beard-trimmer issue, and looking good.

If you dress your little one in a Lo baby-grow, you automatically get votes. If, like the good folk from Londons own zone7style.blogspot.com, you happen to buy and sell some of the finest sourced Ralphy on the planet, you also automatically get votes. Big shouts to Seth

FYI. If you see grown men in South London wearing snow-friendly all-in-one orange and green camo POLO with matching spotted Hunters and hockey masks, that’ll be the staff from HOTASBALLS en route to Waitrose to buy onion relish